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BATH, Ron ronbath@earthlink.net "...Activated with VP-772 1 September, 1950 as a AA. Left after the first tour to go to Flight training. As a very wet behind the ears teenager, the WWII veterans took me under their wings and finished raising me. Best thing that ever happened to me. I retired as VR-774 C.O..." [28DEC2000]

BROWELL, Joe H. jbpromos@rio.com "...I served with VP-772 at NAS Los Alamitos, California in the late 1960's. I flew as a MAD man in the nose and enjoyed the hops. We had a great crew. I got to fly the plane and some of the crew got a little sick! It was great experience..." [11FEB2010]

BROWN, John (Jack) W. Shipmate Pix Circa 1954 tazinc@gci.net "...I was with VP-772 flying out of Sand Point, Seattle, WA in 1952. The squadron was activated and became VP-17. We were flying PB4Y-2's at the time and were sent to NAS Iwakuni, Japan in December of 1952. We flew anti-sub patrol for Task Force 77. When we returned to the States we were stationed at Ault Field on Whidbey Is., WA. At that time we were issued P2V-5's for training and later P2V-6's. The squadron returned to NAS Iwakuni, Japan in 1954 and back to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in early 1955. I was an AM-2 and served in flight Crew 12. I would like to make contact with anyone that served with VP-17 1952-1955. I am especially looking for Sherman Carroll, Missouri, and Bobby Moore, Up State NY..." [12JAN2001]

BURNETTE, Frank S. Barneysan2@aol.com "...I was in VP-772 Crew 6 from 1950-1951 at NAS Atsugi, Japan. Any of you that might remember me drop me a line on e-mail. Would love to hear from you and share old stories..." [26FEB99]

DALY, James c/o Scott Daly scottdaly@hotmail.com "...My Father, James Daly, was a Pilot and served with VP-772 our of NAS Atsugi, Japan from January 1951 to August 1951 and VP-142 during WWII. I'll forward all messages to Dad..." [08APR2009]

DAVIDOW, Mel meldavidow@earthlink.net "...I was the lead navigator, fresh out of flight training, and still an Aviation Midshipman in Nov & Dec 1950 when we flew from NAS Whidbey Island, Washington to Saigon..." [17DEC98]

EAKIN, Steve R. steve.sseakin@oigp.net "...I joined the U.S.Navy on 6 June 1959 and was assigned to VP-775 [Reserve], NAS Los Alamitos, California. After completing a combination boot camp / air crew 85 day school in the summer of 1959 I returned to VP-775 as ECM/MAD operator in crew 5. I stayed in the squadron until it was decommissioned on 31 December 1961. I was then transferred to VP-772 and remained until going on active duty on 20 June 1962. My active duty was aboard the large Seaplane Tender USS Currituck (AV-7). I sreved as Admirals Driver for Commander FAW-1, who was at that time Rear Admiral Robert Anthony Macpherson, his Chief of Staff was Captain Minton. Admiral Macpherson was also Commander Patrol Force Seventh Fleet, Commander Tiawan Patrol Force and Commander Task Force 72.5. VP-775 flew P2V-5f's. I just finished a history of the USS Currituck (AV-7) which is 90 page in length with 55 photos..." [E-Mail Updated 19AUG2007 | E-Mail Updated 08NOV99 | 05OCT98]

JOHNSON, MAJOR Steven G. Retired majorjunque@msn.com "...In March 1965 I joined the Naval Air Reserve at NAS Los Alamitos, California after graduating from Reseda High School (San Fernando Valley). After completing the resident "boot" training at NAS Los Alamitos, California I was assigned to VP-772 and eventually got to fly on the P2V's. VP-772's annual training/cruise that year was spent at NAS Moffett Field, California. I'll never forget the flight up (at night) as I was allowed to occupy the "bow observers" position in the nose all the way. While at NAS Moffett Field, California for the cruise we operated out of Hanger #1. During that time, I remember one flight out over Monterey Bay when the Ordnanceman couldn't get the launch tube to operate. Honest-to-god, he opened the rear belly hatch and had me hook my arms thru his harness while he straddled the opening and lobbed the sonabouys out. I was only 18 at the time and will never forget that moment. Disallusioned with college, I opted to do my 2 years "active duty" early (15 Nov 65) and was assigned to VP-31 Detachment Alpha at NAS Moffett Field, California in January 1966. The unit was just receiving P-3A's at the time and still had the earlier P-3's that required the external APU (looked like a belly tank on wheels) for startup. The main body of the unit (VP-31) was still at NAS North Island, San Diego, California at the time and flying P-5 Marlins. During my time at NAS Moffett Field, California, the units designation changed twice: VP-31 Detachment Alpha, VP-31 Detachment NAS Moffett Field, California, and eventually VP-31 (those left at San Diego became Detachment NAS North Island, San Diego, California). My final 8 months (April 1967 to November 1967) at VP-31 were spent as the NATOPS yeoman working for CDR J. R. White, LCDR "Bud" Tucker, and CPO Ted Glass. The time I spent in the Naval Air Reserve was the most memorable for me. After completing my 1st AA degree years later (1978), I thought of returning to the Naval Air Reserve but was instead offered a chance at OCS and a commission in the Calif. Army National Guard. As I was already 31 years old at the time, it took a lot of help from several Generals to get me accepted as the federal age limit for 2nd Lieutenants is 32 1/2. I eventually commanded an M-110 (8") Heavy Artillery Battery ("C" Battery, 1-144th FA, 40th INF DIV-MECHANIZED). I retired from the Calif. Army National Guard 3 years ago as a Major, Field Artillery. Quite a change from being an AXAN in the Navy. I would be more than happy to hear/correspond with anyone who served with either VP-31 or VP-772..." [02JUN2002]

KEIL, Don donlk@webtv.net "...Served with VP-772, VP-17, and VAHM-10. I flew in the PB to the P2V-6 from 1953 til 1956 as an AT Radar/Radio..." [12JUL98]

KERNS, Wilmer L. wkerns4@gmail.com "...I served with VP-772 at NAS Seattle, Washington, VP-17 Crew-9, VP-4 and VP-7. We flew the old PB4Y2's..." [E-Mail Updated 16APR2017 | E-Mail Updated 18FEB2002 | 05AUG99]

KERSTETTER, Michael glengolfer@aol.com "...I served with VP-772 (1955-1962) at NAS Los Alamitos, California with deployments to NAS Sand Point, Seattle, Washington, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, NAS Alameda, California and NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii..." [05AUG2014]

LINDBERG, Ron RGLindy@aol.com "...Served USN 1945 - 1949. USNR 1950 - 1954, VP-812 NAS Minneapolis. Called to active duty 1950 - 1952 augmented into FASRON 895, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and NAS Sandpoint. PB4Y2 training with VP-772 and VP-871. My rate was AO2..." [26JUL98]

OROSCO, Jim S. Jimyo@aol.com "...When I first joined the Navy in 1946, I reported to VPB-146 at NAS Alameda, California, after the usual boot camp, and the next thing I knew we were on board a carrier bound for Pearl Harbor and I was in a flight crew for 2 yrs 7 months and 17 days of typical young sailor bitching. So I left the Navy and went to work, still bitching, but then the Chinese crossed the Yalu and I was off to war again on the USS Princeton, still bitching, so they threw me off the ship and into VP-772 and I stopped bitching and started doing some real flying in PB4Y2 aircraft. You can't be a weenie in those old birds and I loved it. We went back to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and picked up P2V-6 A/C and they were fine too. So in 1955 it was instructor duty at NAS Memphis, Tennessee time and to make a long story shorter, wound up in VP-17 again and still loved it. Since then I have been to a Reunion at Pahrumph and at San Diego. Now I am looking forward to the one in Seattle in 00. My last VP was VP-50 to Cam Ran Bay in P-3C. Hope to see some more of my old buddies there..." [25SEP98]

REBEAUD, WO Ed Retired rebeaud57@netscape.net "...I was in VP-772 and VP-775 at NAS Los Alamitos, California ADJ2 to ADJ1 air crewman [communications, mad trail, and Plane Captain] flying from 1962-1970. Graduated from Pierce jr college 1968 and univ of Texas 1974. Switched to Army reserve in 1972 and promoted to warrant officer, retired in 1988. Knew Tom Salyers, Ed Stein , and Jon Soule best..." [28MAR2002]

ROBITAILLE, LCOL Earle Earle@bajanet.com "...Just looking at a copy of a letter addressed to my wife dated 26 April 1952, and signed by R. Daly, Lt. Comdr. USNR, Asst. Personnel Officer, U.S. Naval Air Station, Los Alamitos, CA.. In short it states I enlisted in the US Naval Reserve for a four (4) year period on 20 May 1950 and was assigned to VP-772. I served as an aerial photography mate with VP-772 until my transfer to Squadron VF-773 at this same station. On 13 August 1951 I was transfered to Class V6 Inactive due to school & martial duties. In March 1952 I was drafted into the U.S. Army and served there till March of 1954. I returned to NAS Los Alamitos, California RESERVE TRAINING CENTER in 1986 or 87 as a Lt. Col. & Provest Marshall of the 3rd. Brigade, California State Military Reserve..." [11APR2001]

SHEALY, Dave c/o his son Wayne Shealy WSCMJ@aol.com "...He served in VP-772/VP-17 during the Korean war. He was in crew 8..."

THOMAS, ATC Fred E. Retired f1516thomas@gmail.com "...I served with VP-772 / VP-17 (1953-1954) as the squadron was transistioning from the PBY-2 to P2V-6. I worked in the FASRON at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and stood many parking ramp watches. I flew 32 touch and goes with Jay R. Beasley in a P2V-5..." [E-Mail Updated 25APR2015 | 24JUL2012]

VEITCH, Michael G. kidsopris@kidsopris.com "...I served with VP-772 (1966 - Naval Reserve) at NAS Los Alamitos, California..." [E-Mail Updated 15SEP2011 | 16MAR2002]

WERMERS, James "...VP-772 Mr. James Wermers, PO Box 92, Blue Jay, CA 92317-0092, 714-337-0940..." http://www.warships1.com/reunion_airgroup.htm [21DEC98]

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