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HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: VPNAVY BookTitle: "Patrol Squadron NINETEEN 1986 WestPac Deployment..." [05SEP2000]

Patrol Squadron NINETEEN was originally commissioned as reserve unit, VPB-907 in 1946. In December, 1946, the squadron was redesignated VP-871 and moved from NAS Livermore, California to NAS Oakland, California. The squadron was activated during the Korean conflict and deployed to Japan in the PB4Y-2 aircraft. During this period, VP-19 patrolled the waters west of Japan and flew night flaredropping missions over Korea, illuminating enemy targets for night fighting U.S. ground forces. Because of the use of red-tinged flares, the squadron was tagged "BIG RED"

In 1953, the squadron was designated VP-19, and transitioned to P2V-5 NEPTUNES. Ten years later, the command again transitioned this time to the P-3A ORION -and moved from NAS Alameda to NAS Moffett Field. Following another transition to the P-3B ORION, the command flew over 8000 hours in support of Vietnam operations and the USS PUEBLO crisis while on a 1968 deployment in Japan. In May of 1975, VP-19 became the first patrol squadron to receive the P-3C "Update" ORION.

Patrol Squadron NINETEEN has deployed to various sites throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans. These sites include Iwakuni, Okinawa and Misawa Japan; Adak Alaska; Cubi Point, Republic of the Philippines and Diego Garcia Island, Indian Ocean.

The squadron has supported many critical operations and participation ed in various military ex~rcises. "BIG RED" participated in Operation "FREQUENT WIND", the highly publicized refugee evacuation of South Vietnam. In 1975, the squadron was a main participant in "VALIANT HERITAGE", the largest Pacific Fleet readiness exercise of the decade. VP-19 was also a key player in "FLEETEX 83-1", the largest military exercise in the North Pacific since World War II. The squadron has conducted many Medical Evacuation Flights and a few SAR missions that have gained VP-19 international recognition.

Patrol Squadron NINETEEN's many achievements have been recognized throughout the years with a multitude of awards and citations. These awards include four Battle Efficiency "E" awards, two of which were held consecutively; the Isabell Trophy for ASW Excellence; four consecutive Silver Shutter Awards for Aerial Intelligence Photography excellence; two CNO Maintenance Awards; consecutive Platinum Link Awards and the AVCM Donald M. Neal "GOLDEN WRENCH" award. .

Patrol Squadron NINETEEN has been awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for service during Operation "FREQUENT WIND", and four Meritorious Unit Citations.

Team work and professionalism are "BIG RED" traditions.

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