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Circa 1946

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...It was originally organized as VP ML 71 in 1946 (I'm guessing at the date) and redesignated VP-661 on 1 Nov 1949. I joined the squadron in Jan 1949 at which time it was operating PV-2s, JRBs, and PBY-5As. We received PBY-6As in July 1950. We were recalled to active duty on 15 Sep 1950 and transferred to NAS Corpus Christi, Texas for transition to the PBM-5. Upon completion of the transition, we proceeded to NAS Norfolk, Virginia for duty. Our commanding officer at the time of recall and during most of the first two years of active duty was LCDR Timothy G. Monahan. CDR H. G. McDonough relieved him in June 1952. This squadron participated in the first NATO exercise "Mainbrace", operating from the USS Currituck anchored in Trondheim Fiord off Levanger, Norway. Incidentally, the Currituck Operations Officer was our previous C.O., Cdr T. G. Monahan. We were operating PBM-5S2 a/c during the latter part of my tour. I was detached from VP-661 on 29 Dec 1952..." Contributed by George Marshall scdg44@comcast.net [28MAR98]

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