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HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...I have my fathers flight log. My father passed away 16 Sept 1994...I only have limited bits of info concerning his tours during WW2. I do know that he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the "Bronze Star" and the "Air Medal" with three Oak Clusters so he must have been doing something. I will continue to search for info and keep you up to date!...Also, I do have a few pictures from when he served. One picture being a bust of himself in his dress uniform and another of him with his crew. The picture of him with his crew was a special picture to him as most members were killed in a plane crash after being shot down. My Dad didn't like to talk much about this war stuff but I do know he was a very proud man and he held a place in his heart for all his comrades until the day he died..." Contributed by ATC(AW) D.A. Macaulay xpc01@voicenet.com

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