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Circa 1959

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...VP-104 was designated or renamed VP-24 in 1959 and remained VP-24 until disestablishment ceremonies were conducted @ NAS Jacksonville, Florida on 13 April 1995.(All Naval Squadrons and shore installations are "established" not commissioned as are ships, hence - "disestablishment"ceremonies.)..." Contributed by Bill Woodard billwood@mail.utexas.edu [05AUG98]

Circa 1954

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Naval Aviation News June 1954 "...Two Maintenance Men - Page 37 - Naval Aviation News - June 1954..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1950s/1954/jun54.pdf [02AUG2004]

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Circa 1950

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Naval Aviation News January 1949 "...Patrol Bombing Squadron 104 - Page 16 - 17 - Naval Aviation News - April 1950..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1950s/1950/apr50.pdf [19JUL2004]

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