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"...'Colorized' (according to the "Dictionary" text) version of the Turtle Patch. The squadron's second insignia was submitted to CNO and approved on 8 July 1948. The squadron had been redesignated VP-ML-7 in 1947 and was assigned the P2V-2 Neptune, then famous due to the long-distance flight of the "Truculent Turtle" from Australia to Ohio on 29 September to 1 October 1946. Squadron personnel designed a patch that borrowed from the feat by featuring a turtle armed with binoculars, rocket, torpedo, 20-mm machine gun and a flat-nosed depth charge. Colors: background, light green; binoculars, black and white; turtle's back, blue and white; arms, legs, neck and head, light gray; torpedo and rocket, yellow; bomb, red; machine gun, black. The weaponry was included in the design to suggest the potential capabilities and the well-rounded offensive and defensive capabilities of the P2V-2 in accomplishing its mission...." Contributed via William H. (Woody) Woodruff whw00dy@att.net [20APR2001]

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