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Memorial Picture "...SWAN, Charles W....VP-24 LCDR Charles W. Swan - Executive Officer July 1954 - August 1956 based at NAS Chincoteague, Virginia (Deceased 9 Jan 1998)Interred - Arlington National Cemetary. I just located your site and thought that the following information may be of interest: Based on the flight books, my father flew P2V6B's and P2V6M's and made 2 Med Cruises during his squadron tenure...Jerry Swan (son of LCDR Charles W. Swan) roadking1@msn.com..." [03DEC2001]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...SWAIN, MCPO Jack Eugene...I must sadly report that my friend, Jack Swain, passed away September 11th, 2018. Jack served with VP-42 (1958-1962) and VP-47 (1964-1968). I served with Jack in VP-42 and you can see some pictures of him during his earlier years as a member of Crew 1..." Contributed by AT2 Mark M. SATTERLEE msatterlee6@msn.com [23OCT2018]

Memorial Picture "...SWAIN, AOAN Ron...My brother, Ron Swain, (and I) served with VP-26 (1956-1960). We were one of three sets of brothers serving in the same squadron. My brother Ron passed away August 2008. He was a crewmember on LK-4 as aviation ordanceman. LCDR Hackett was plane commander..." Contributed by SWAIN, ABH3 Jack charpal4@comcast.net [28NOV2010]

Memorial Picture "...SWANSON, "Big Ed"...Big Ed" Swanson, Skipper of VP-892 during its deployment to Japan as the first US Naval Reserve PBM Squadron activated for the Korean war, passed away on 14 Dec. 2006. A memorial service will be held at the University Presbyterian Church in Seattle at 13:00 hours, Friday, Dec 29th. My brother and I (4 years old) watched as Dad took off from San Diego enroute to Korea via Hawaii. As Dad took off loaded down with fuel and gear for the long flight to Hawaii he used JATO assit. The smoke was considerable but unknown to my brother and I a fog bank rolled in over the bay just as Dad took off. We said to each other..."Look what Dad did." Dad has now rejoined his beloved wife Margaret and they are dancing up a storm to God's big band. He is survived his 2 sons and daughter as well as those who still remain from his squadron. David Swanson..." WebSite: Korean War Project http://www.koreanwar.org/html/units/navy/vp892.htm [27JAN2007]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix  "...SWEET, Donald H...It is with the deepest regret that I tell you all that my grandfather, VPB-21 combat aircrewman, and the author of numerous books about the war in the Pacific, Donald Sweet passed away on Sunday Evening Feb. 26, 2007. He had struggled with illness for some time and passed quietly with his family at his side. Donald H. Sweet volunteered for the U.S. Navy in early 1943 at age seventeen. He served as a combat aircrewman in the Pacific theater of operations, flying some fifty patrols. Returning home in mid 1945 he was assigned to train new crews. After leaving the Navy he attended Gettysburg College and graduated in 1949. He then worked for the U.S. Navy Department on Advanced Underseas Weapons Systems in various locations in the United States, and also in the Far East during the Korean War. The next twenty-five years were spent in the "corporate world," followed by ten years as a management consultant. He retired in 1991. In 1972 he served on the Navy's Palenchar Task Force, which was instrumental in the development and initiation of the all-volunteer Navy. Award winning author of six business books, The Sailor Aviators was his first "story" book and Seaplanes at War is his first picture book...Ryan G. Noon rgnoon@gmail.com..." [28FEB2007]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix"...SWIZDOR, HN Richard Gregory...Passing of HN Richard Gregory Swizdor (VP-8 1970-1974) of New York on 07APR2022. Father of three Sailors. Graveside services to be held 16MAY2022 in Adel, Iowa at Iowa Veterans Cemetery. We are looking for any pictures from his time in the NAVY. Contact John Swizdor (VP-9, VP-69, VP-30) at johnswizdor@yahoo.com..." Contributed by John Swizdor johnswizdor@yahoo.com [02MAY2022]

Memorial Picture "...SWOPE, LT John R....It is with deep regrets that I report the passing (March 23rd, 2011) of LT John R. SWOPE. John was a VP-892 PPC aboard SE-9 from 1951-1952. The last time I called for a visit, I spoke with his widow, Arlene. He will be missed..." Contributed by TIMMER, AT2 Harold w8hgt@sbcglobal.net [07DEC2013]

SWAIN, Albert L. alswai9@aol.com "...I served with VP-16 (1966-1967) with a deployment to NS Sangley Point, Philippines. My PPC was LCDR Holle and FE was Salvatore Molle. On a Yankee Patrol we landed in NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. We were on the ground for an hour or so. How do I get conformation of this?..." [01AUG2015]

SWAIN, Donald H. Shipmate Pix ...circa 1944... SweetUsn@aol.com "...was an Aircrewman in VP-21/VPB-21 commisioned in March 44 and in Pacific theater from Aug 44 to end of 46..." "The Sailor Aviators" a book about PBM's in WWII by Don Sweet SweetUsn@aol.com WEBSITE: http://members.aol.com/sweetusn/index.html

SWAIN, ABH3 Jack charpal4@comcast.net "...I served with VP-26 (1959-1963) with deployments to NS Rota, Spain (1959), NAS Keflavik, Iceland (1960), NS Rota, Spain (1961) and NAS Boca Chica, Florida (1962) particapating in the Cuban missle crisis. I was an AOAN on LK-7 under CDR Richard Sims. I left the Navy in 1963 as an ABH3..." [28NOV2010]

SWAIN, JACK MCPOSWAIN@AOL.COM "...Would like to hear from any Shipmates who served in VP-42 from 1958 to 1962 or VP-47 from 1964 to 1968..." [29NOV99]

SWAIN, MMCO Jeff js_swain@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-47 NAS Moffett Field, California (September 1985 to December 1990). Currently serving with VP-5 as the MMCO and will be retiring in November 2009. I'd be interested in hearing from any long lost Shipmates who may still be out there!..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 25FEB2009 | 30OCT99]

SWAIN, John R. EChar44@aol.com "...I served with VP-26 out of NAS Brunswick, Maine from 1959 to 1963. I have many fond memories of my tour. From the Cuban missle crisis to NS Rota, Spain, to the Isle of Crete, NAS Keflavik, Iceland..." [27JAN2001]

SWAIN, ATC (AW/NAC) Malcolm Retired sellsell59@comcast.net "...I served with VP-30, VP-48, VP-31, VP-40, and ASWOC/TSC, NS Rota, Spain between 1980-1993. Would like to hear from anyone. I am particularly interested in former VP-48 Crew-6 members circa 1980-1983. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Doug Higgins, former AW3, SS-3, VP-48 Crew-6. 1981..." [E-Mail Updated 16JAN2005 | E-Mail Updated 14JUN2003 | BIO Updated 15MAY2000 | 04JAN98]

SWAIN, Stephen H. shstls1@verizon.net "...Enlisted in Navy TAR program in 1971. I served with VP-64 from 1971 to 1975. Worked with Chief Allen in operations as ASW sensor I NATOPS instructor. After active duty served 2 years reserve in VP-64 and VP-68..." [17JAN2009]

SWALINA, AMHC Paul J. Retired pswalina@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-1 from April 1967 to July 1970 with Crew-2 (PR-26) and VQ-2 from September 1970 to June 1979. We had 10 CO's in VQ-2..." [E-Mail Updated 02MAR2011 | 28APR98]


SWAN, Robert A. "Bob" http://www.worldwar2pilots.com/USN-Swan-PBY-2.htm "...Born in Bilings Montana June 24, 1919. Graduated from NAS Pensacola, Florida training September 6, 1941. Joined the fleet at NAS North Island, San Diego, California flying the PBY. Enjoyed my short stint in the peacetime Navy. After December 7th, flew to NAS Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Oahu (21 1/2 hour flight) Radio Silence, no Weather information, barely made it on the fuel we had. Sent out to NAS Midway Island to fly patrol. Flew long flights every day and on June 3rd our crew spotted the Japanese Fleet heading towards NAS Midway Island. Spent a very interesting next three hours sending information back to NAS Midway Island and NAS Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where I checked out as PPC. Then in late 1942 sent to the Solomons for patrol duty and rescue. Also flew the Dumbo mission for a while. About August 1943 sent back to the states and joined VB-150 flying PV-1s. They were great aircraft. ALso got married in October 1943. After checking out in this aircraft, we went back to Oahu at MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii checking out in Rockets. Then sent to help with the Tarawa invasion and remained at Tarawa for a while where we primarily bombed the island of Naru. We also did some bombing out of Majuro. Then we were sent to Tinian. We took off from Eniwetok to fly to Tinian and land on the Jap strip there. Unfortunately it was a maximum range and we had to land. They had secured only half of the strip and we landed under rifle fire from the defenders. We remained flying and bombing out of Tinian until early 1945 and finally were sent back to the states. Went throught IFIS. Then went to Lakes City, Florida. Just completed my first two student when Japan surrendered and since I had attained the maximum points I was given 30 days leave and discharged in October - end of story..." [24APR2004]

SWAN, LCDR Charles W. Retired/Deceased c/o His Son Jerry Swan roadking1@msn.com "...FLIGHT BOOK INFORMATION LTCDR, CHARLES W. SWAN...28 MARCH 1940 - 24 FEBRUARY 1941 NAS Pensacola, Florida Navy Flight School. Aircraft Flown: N3N-1, N2M, NS-1, 03U-3, OSN-1, SU-1, SU-2, SU-3, SNJ-1, NJ-1, N3U-3, N2S-1, P3M-2, P2Y-2, P2Y-3, R2D, R2D-1, N2D-1. Pilot Designation: 1 November 1940 per D.B. Duncan. Instrument Rating: #1137 20 September 1940 per E.B. Eldredge Assistant Operations Officer. Instructors School Completion: 27 January 1941 per J.C. Owens. Assigned to Squadron VN1D8 as Pilot Instructor -A Per C.R. Carroll. 27 MARCH 1941- 8 OCTOBER 1942 NAS LEE FIELD Pilot Instructor SQUADRON 11-B Jacksonville, Florida. Aircraft Flown: N2S-1, N2S-3, N2S-4, N3N-3, NR-1, R2D-1, R2D-1, SNJ-2, SNJ-3, SNJ-4. Ratings: 2S LAND, 3S LAND, 4M LAND, 2S WATER, 3S WATER, 4M WATER Per L.N. Young 2 JUNE 1941. 16 OCTOBER 1942 - 31 OCTOBER 1942 EASTERN DIVISION PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS, INC. MIAMI, FL. Aircraft Flown: S-40. *Note: This was the forerunner to Navy Seaplane Squadron VR-1 which flew out of Miami and Coconut Grove, FL. The Navy training was done in cooperation with Pan American Airways). 19 NOVEMBER 1942 -11 DECEMBER 1942 TRANSPORT SQUADRON ONE MIAMI SERVICES DETACHMENT. Aircraft Flown: PBM-3, RS-5. 6 JANUARY 1943- 31 JANUARY 1943 NAVAL AIR TRANSPORT SERVICE AIR TRANSPORT SQUADRON One (VR-1) MIAMI, FL. Aircraft Flown: PBM-3, PBM-3C, PBM-3R, R4D-1, R4D-5, RS-4, RS-5, SNB-1. Commander Transport Sea Planes Designation: Air Transport Squadron Six (VR-6) Qualified as Commander Transport Sea Planes 21 November 1943 H.R. Banaday Commanding. 2 FEBRUARY 1944- 27 FEBRUARY 1944 NAVAL AIR TRANSPORT SERVICE AIR TRANSPORT SQUADRON VR-6 MIAMI, FL. Aircraft Flown: PBM-3R, PBM-3, NH-1, SNB-2C. 2 MARCH 1944 - 3 MAY 1945 NAVAL AIR TRANSPORT SQUADRON TWO NAS Alameda, California. Aircraft Flown: JRB, PBM, PB2Y, PBM2Y-3, PBM-3R, PBM-3, XPB2M, NH-1, SNB-2C. Plane Commander Designation: PB2Y Plane Commander 31 July 1944 J.S. Tarlton Flight Officer VR-2. Notes: 8/13/1944 - Lt. Swan's 1st XPB2M Flight Honolulu to NAS Alameda, California. 11/26/44 Lt. Swan's 1st MARS Flight Alameda -HNL (Same Plane and serial # 1520 just renamed. 6 MAY 1945 - 8 JULY 1945 ???? SQUADRON SIGN #?? NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. Aircraft Flown: JRB, MARS, PB2Y,C-47B. Notes: 5/28/45 Lt. Swan's first flight with JRB Plane #44604 w/ Canady at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. 25 JULY - 24 APRIL 1946 TRANSPORT SQUADRON 3 (VR-3) NAS Olathe, Kansas. Aircraft Flown: R4D, R4D-1, R4D-5, R4D-6, R5D-4, SNB. Commander Transport Land Planes Designation: 12/31/45 V.E. Gessinger Commander Transport Squadron Three (VR-3). Satisfactory Completion G.C.A. Training: 3/6/46 Lt. Cdr. Arthur L. Ashwaltz OinC Pilot Training. 10 MAY 1946 - 1 NOVEMBER 1946 NAS ST. SIMONS ISLAND, GA. Aircraft Flown: SNB-2. 4 DECEMBER 1946 - 2 JUNE 1948 NAVAL CARRIER U.S.S. MIDWAY. Aircraft Flown: HO35-1, JD-1, JRB, JRB-4, PB4Y-2, R4D, R4D-5, R5D, SNB, SNB-3, SNJ-5, SNJ-5C. 1 JULY 1948 - 5 MAY 1949 GENERAL LINE SCHOOL NEWPORT, RI. Aircraft Flown: SNB3, SNJ-3, SNB-1, SNB-2, SNJ, SNJ-4. 20 JUNE 1949 - 1 OCTOBER 1950 NAS Anacostia, Washington, D.C.. Aircraft Flown: PBJ (B-25), SNB, JRB, JRB-4, SNB-4, SNB-3P, R4D, B-25, JRB-3. 7 NOVEMBER 1950 - 5 JANUARY 1951 NAS HONOLULU, HI. Aircraft Flown: SNB, JRB. 6 FEBRUARY 1951 - 2 JUNE 1953 TOKYO, SEA OF JAPAN, YELLOW SEA, ITAMI AF BASE, TACHIKAWA, JAPAN. SEOUL, IWAKUM, POHANG, KOREA. Aircraft Flown: R4D, SNB, SNB-5, JRB, PB4Y, C-45, C-54. 17 AUGUST 1953 - 25 JUNE 1954 BUREAU OF AERONAUTICS GENERAL REPRESENTATIVE, CENTRAL DISTRICT WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, OHIO. Aircraft Flown: R4D-6, R4D-6R, JRB-4, JRB-6, PB4Y, C-45, C-47D, C-54. 7 JULY-1954 - 1 AUGUST 1956 PATROL SQUADRON VP-24 NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and NAS Chincoteague, Virginia. Aircraft Flown: P2V6B, P2V6M. Patrol Plane Commander - P2V 10 November 1954 HP Kooy Commanding. 3 OCTOBER 1956 - 2 FEBRUARY 1961 U.S. NAVAL BUREAU OF AERONAUTICS AND BUREAU OF WEAPONS WASHINGTON, DC. Aircraft Flown: JRB-6, SNB, SNB-5, T-28. 30 JUNE 1961 U.S. BUREAU OF AERONAUTICS AND BUREAU OF WEAPONS WASHINGTON, DC. RETIRED FROM SERVICE Ordered R.A. Schoech Rear Admiral, USN Acting Chief of Bureau..." [03JAN2001]

SWAN, Dan dswan@gdats.com "...brought back good memories of Mad Tapes the Med, UNITAS, and post flights at the club (VP-11 CAC10 IFT '77-81 call sign NMTT). Will follow up on Reunion infoormation..." [12APR2000]


SWANCEY, ATN Wade tarantula1951@gmail.com "...I served with VP-10 (01/1963-04/1965) and flew with CAC-2. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 30NOV2015 | 01APR2001]

SWANKIE, Joe j.swankie@attbi.com "...I served with VP-10 NAS Brunswick, Maine in 1957. We did a deployment to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. I was transferred to the U.S.S.Ranger and was able to see half the world. Maine was good to me and has given me some great memories..." [18AUG2002]

SWANSON, Burt burt@citlink.net "...I served with VP-54 which later became VP-721 in NAS Glenview, Illinois. I moved to California and joined VP-58 which became VP-771 in NAS Los Alamitos, California. I would like to hear from Shipmates in any of these squadrons..." [13MAR2003]

SWANSON, AWCM Carter Retired carter2781@cox.net "...I served with the Blue Dragons of VP-50 from May 1979 to March 1983. I was on crews 1, 2, and 10. I recognize many Shipmates names. My career history is VP-6, VP-50, NMPC NAS Dallas, Texas, Naval War College, USS Indepence CV 62, VS-29, USS Carl Vinson CVN 70, USS Abraham Lincoln CVN 72, U.S. Army Sargeants Major Academy, VS-41, USS Coronado, CMC at Commander Naval Beach Group One in NAS North Island, San Diego, California until my retirement..." [E-Mail Updated 27FEB2008 | E-Mail Updated 11MAY2004 | 28NOV98]

SWANSON, ATC Daryl Retired darylswanson2@gmail.com "...I served with VA(HM)-10 / VP-17 (1957 to 1960), VP-31 (1960 to 1964), VP-22 (1965 to 1967), FAETUPAC at NAS North Island, San Diego, California (1967 to 1969) teaching Julie operators with a Detachment to NAS Moffett Field, California teaching comm operators, VP-40 (1970 to 1975), NAMTD 1012 NAS Moffett Field, California from December 1975 (teaching Micro-miniature module repair) until retired 1978..." [BIO Updated 01JUN2009 | 29MAY2008]

SWANSON, David L. dls1924@aol.com "...I was a pilot with VB-112 (Africa/England 1944/1945) and VPB-892 (Japan 1950/1951)..." [E-Mail Updated 11OCT2003 | 07OCT99]

SWANSON, Glen E. aswanson.1@netzero.net "...I served with VP-661 (1962)..." [09AUG2011]

SWANSON, AZ1 Jeff guzzi4me@comcast.net "...I served with VP-91, VP-69, VR-61, VP-MAU MMF A. I was a TAR from 07-77 to 11-87 and currently with SELRES..." [E-Mail Updated 23MAR2015 | E-Mail Updated 01JUN2008 | 12MAR2000]

SWART, Richmond SWARTRICH@AOL.COM "...I was assigned to VP-50 from 1964 through 1967 as an ADR. I flew with Crew 3 and 4 as Plane Captain. I joined VP-50 in NAS Iwakuni, Japan and was discharged in July 1967 when they were transfering to P-3'S. I would like to hear from old Shipmates..." [09SEP99]

SWARTZ, Donald C. dswartz9@neo.rr.com "...I served with VPB-28 (1945 to 05/1946) at NS Sangley Point, Philippines I flew with the D29 Crew. LT Luck was our pilot and Chief Whit was our Crew Chief. We deployed to Jinamoc Seaplane Base, San Pedro Bay, Leyte Gulf, Philippines, NS Sangley Point, Philippines, Hulugan Bay, Philippines and Lingayen Gulf, Philippines aboard the USS Pocomoke (AV-9). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [BIO Updated 16JUL2011 | E-Mail Updated 23JUN2011 | E-Mail Updated 24DEC2010 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 15OCT2009 | 21FEB2000]

SWARTZ, Fred SWARTZFRED@msn.com "...I was a crewmember of VJ-61 and served at NAS Miramar and NAS Atsugi, Japan. We flew in AJ type aircraft. Looking for any flight crewmembers of VJ-61 from the Japan era. I believe we were the ones who came up with the Glying Goose Patch..." [22OCT99]

SWARTZ, Paul C. squeakswartz@aol.com "...I served with VP-932 (01/1956-1958), NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts (1959-1964) as a Radioman, NAS Los Alamitos, California as a Radiomen Instructor and ASW Equipment Instructor and left the Navy (01/1966). I opened my own two way radio shop for many years and retired to The Villages, Florida in 2005..." [17MAR2013]

SWARTZ, Tracy tfs@libby.org "...I served with VP-19 from 1969 to 1971. I worked in the Power Plants shop and Aircrew. Anyone from our 1969-1970 NAS Iwakuni, Japan deployment still alive?..." [11JUL2003]

SWATSWORTH, AZC Randy pabred68@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-26 from January 1998 to November 2001. This was best command I have ever had the pleasure to been in. We had the best of times on deployments and detachments. I will never forget some of them, others I already have. Being part of the millenium deployment of 2000 at NAS Keflavik, Iceland was something I'll always remember along with having 40+ inches of snow. Once a Trident, always a Trident. TSOT!..." [25JUL2003]

SWEENEY, PH2 Jerry L. jerlet007@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-50 (1967-1968) at NAS North Island, San Diego, California with deployments to WestPac at NS Sangley Point, Philippines/ NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I flew in the P-5 and P-3. I now have Parkinson's Disease and having a hard time proving to the US Department of Veterans Affairs that I was in NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Can anyone help me out?..." [BIO Updated 25MAR2012 | 23MAY2002]

SWEENEY, AD2 Robert s1249@qwestinternet.net "...I was in VP-8 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island '49-'53. I have managed to make contact with a couple of old Shipmates but now I'm looking for an old AF buddy who was in a Navy VP squadron on the west coast sometime prior to 1956. His name is Jim Russell from Tupelo, MS and he was at NAS Adak, Alaska. I would much appreciate any info anybody can give me. Thanks..." [26AUG2000]

SWEENEY, Ray (Deceased) c/o His Son Shaun Sweeney shaun.sweeney@usdoj.gov "...My father, Ray Sweeney, served with VB-105 on Crew 10. He died in 1970 when I was 6 years old, so I never had a chance to talk to him about his service in the Navy. I would love to hear from anyone who has info on my dad. Thanks for your time..." [23NOV2002]

SWEET, SCPO Charles Russell Retired Shipmate Pix c/o his son Robert Sweet robertsweetsr@gmail.com "...My father served with VP-91 and VPB-71 (Black Cats) in the South Pacific. He joined the reserves after the war werving with VR-831 at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York and VP-66 at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Retired as Senior Chief in 1981. He will be 99 this July 4th, looking forward to his 100th next year. Also, Dad would love to hear from former Shipmates..." [09MAR2022]

SWEET, Don SweetUsn@aol.com "...was an Aircrewman in VP-21/VPB-21 commisioned in March 44 and in Pacific theater from Aug 44 to end of 46..." [WebSite Updated 30DEC98]

SWEET, AO1 James W. Retired jwwraysr@aol.com "...I was in the navy from 1960-1981. My duty stations were Fallon NV. 60-62, NS Sangley Point, Philippines 62-64, Out 64-65, NAS Alameda, California 65-68 (flew as ORD AC SP2E] , NAS Glenview, Illinois 68 72 [AC SP2E SP2H], NAS Point Mugu, California [SP2H, P-3A, P-3B], NARTU Denver CO. I retired in 81 and still live in Aurora, CO. I flew with VP-60, VP-90, and VP-65..." [08DEC2000]

SWENDSEN, ADJ3 Lee lee_swendsen@yahoo.com "...I served with VQ-3 (10/1968-05/1970) at NAS Agana, Guam. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [20JUL2016]

SWENSON, AT2 Dave Wdswenson@aol.com "...I was stationed with VP-6 from December 1971 (a day after the P-3 went into Subic Bay, until mid 1974 when I went back to Millington TN for "B" School. I finished up my tour with a couple of years at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington AIMD electronics. I had a great time with VP-6. Tours in NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, Utapo Thailand, NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan, and back to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. While at Barbers Pt. Lived our in Makaha, and later Pearl City. I would like to hear from any old friends from those good old days..." [11SEP2002]

SWENSON, AD1 Roy roysartstudio@wildapache.net "...I was in VP-61..VCP61 1957-1960. If anyone has any photos of the AJs and has a scanner could you E mail them to me? I lost almost all of my photos in a fire. I worked on the flight line, photo lab and finaly in engine build up. I had my wife with me, my first daughter was born on NAS Agana, Guam while I was on detachment with the squadron in Japan. I would like to hear from any one who was there between 1957- 1959. We had just recieved A3s a few months before I was rotated back to the states, one A3 was lost during the detachment in Japan ,any one there during 1957-1960 or from power plants please contact me..." [18MAR2000]

SWIFT, Clyde bcsr20@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-10 (1969) NAS Brunswick, Maine, deployed to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada split to NAS Bermuda. I was a VERY young PH3 in those days. Said I would never wear another uniform. Last month I wrapped up 30yrs as a police officer am now a SGT. 2 yrs to retirement, talk about a lifer. Loved VP-10..." [30JUL2000]

SWIFT, AEC L. Retired PopaLee@aol.com "...I was in VP-5 back in the days of the P2V. My plane was 131496, Herbie Pane were the Plane Capt. J. A. Pate was the skipper. a good man. I remember those day with more fundness than any others. I was one of the first black crew members and it wasn't a big deal until people talk about it many years later. Bob Vaugh was one of the best Plane Captains during that time. My shop was the electric shop with Cheif McKeenan, AE1 Al Hunt Country Grinder, very smart people. We won the "E" a couple of times. I was an AE3 back then I later retired as AEC. Thanks for the page, it very worth while..."

SWINDLER, Darren darren.swindler@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-6 (1986-1989) with Crew-8 (Nomads). I was also on the infamous "lost prop" flight. I would like to hear from formerShipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 04JAN2012 | 18AUG2003]

SWINFORD, Marion R. logcastle30747@yahoo.com "...I was with ATU-501 for 6 months in 1956 while waiting for P school in Norman Oklahoma. Was attached to the SNB Line where I drew crew member flight pay, as an observer. I remember on heck of a base party in the hangar across from the SNB line in the fall of that year. Anyone out there who remembers please contact me..." [06SEP2002]

SWINK, Darren airharness@earthlink.net "...Dear VP-69: I was an avoinics flight line tech from 1987 to 1991 and had a great time at VP-69. I think about VP-69 and NAS Whidbey Island, Washington frequently and miss it. I hope the sqaudron is having as much fun as we did then. It is great to see you on the Web. The Navy gave me the skills, education and determination to be a successful aviation manager and leader and I now it will do the same for you..." [18JUN99]

SWINK, Gregory greg022754@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-56 (FE) from 1980 to 1989 and I served with VP-16 (FE) from 1989 to 1993..." [30JAN2010]

SWINK, William A "...VP-117 Mr. William A Swink, 87128 Golf Club Dr, Diamondhead, MS 39525-3707, 601-255-3738..." http://www.warships1.com/reunion_airgroup.htm [21DEC98]

SWINKELS, AMH2 Richard ab7oh@comcast.net "...I served with VP-69 (05/1975-04/1977) and VP-64 (04/1977-04/1981). I was Honorably Discharged and became a Transit Bus Driver..." [23NOV2012]

SWINTON, Don navye6ret@yahoo.com "...Was with VP-92, VP-62, and VP-MAU. Anyone that has served with me would like to hear from. Was also with VR out of NAF Andrews, Maryland..." [29OCT2004]

SWITZER, Charlie CharlieGO@aol.com "...VP-47 pilot in P-5's and P-3's 1964-1967. Excited about the Nov. 5-8 VP-47 Reunion, Arlington Hyatt Hotel, Arlington, VA. Contact: RNARMI@aol.com..." [07JUN98]

SWITZER, OS2 John Lamar Jr. (Switty) asdlom4u@aol.com "...I was station in Lajes at the ASWOC where I ran OPCON for the time frame of April 1984 to April 1986. It was the best time of my 8 year term in the Navy. I remember Captain Hilty and CDR Greer (we called him Richard). I'm especially interested in finding out where PO Lisa Mick and CDR Geno Corini are today. NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal was the greatest timer, the galom and cheese sandwich at Goerges, the Matues, Angra, prira de victoria and the bullk fights in the mountains. The goilf course was the most beautiful course I have ever seen to this day. Hi, Shelton, Lindell, Bustamonte, Caprioti, and all the rest of the ASWOC gang. I miss you all. "The Red Bear Never Sleeps."..." [12SEP2003]

SWOPE, Mike mswope@howardrobson.com "...I served with VP-10 (1983-1987). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [12SEP2012]

SWORM, AT John L. diverjohn@att.net "...I flew out of NAS Whidbey Island, Washington on two 6 month tours in the 1955 to 1957 time frame. First with VP-4 to NAS Iwakuni, Japan in 1955 and then with VP-7 to NAS Kodiak, Alaska. I have nothing but fond memories of these experiences. By the way, I was an AT!..." [22JAN2002]

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