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Note NOTICE: "...70th Anniversary of the Attack on NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii - I am looking for survivors or family members of CPW-1, VP-11, VP-12, VP-14 and NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii who can share what happened that day at Kaneohe Bay. A remembrance ceremony is scheduled for 7 December 2011 at the site of the atttack followed by a wreath laying at the Klipper Memorial near the base flag pole. We would love to have survivors and/or family members attend..." Contributed by Maggie Gaukler klipper41@hotmail.com [02AUG2011]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to find an official Navy Paint Scheme for the PBY-5A in use around 1945. It would be the solid dark blue scheme. Only one color and not the tri-color scheme. If there were a way to also learn what other markings were usually on the aircraft that would be helpful. I am in touch with a diecast aircraft model manufacturer who is willing to look into making a scale model but they need to be very accurate. My father flew PBY-5A's out of NAS Pearl Harbor, Hawaii at the end of WWII and became the director of Air-Sea Rescue, Hawaiian Sea Frontier prior to leaving. He was in transit to Pearl from the States when the Japanese signed the surrender. He is 82 now and can only remember that the aircraft was solid dark blue. If anyone could help direct me to a source for this information, I would be very appreciative. Phil Garner thrill@bellsouth.net..." [23JAN2006]

UPDATE "...I have learned that the proper paint scheme is indeed, the tri-color for the PBY-5A's. What I need now is to see if anyone has any detailed pictures of any of the PBY's present at Midway for the Battle of Midway. I need to see what markings were on the aircraft. I have several squadron numbers that were supposed to be represented at the Battle by PBY's. They are listed in this excerpt provided by one of you members:

Here is an excerpt from the book PBY: The Catalina Flying Boat by Roscoe Creed pg 102. regarding the Battle of Midway.:

    "The following day (May 22) the buildup began: the first six of twelve PBY-5As of VP-44 under LCDR Brixner arrived from Pearl Harbor to provide long-range patrol capabilities.. Small groups continued to wing in, a hodge podge of PBY's on temporary duty from VP-14, VP-23, VP-24, VP-51, VP-72 and VP-91. The seaplanes operated from Sand Island and the amphibians from the runways on Eastern Island.....". Note that Midway is made up of two islands Eastern and Sand.
Thanks, John for that info.

Anything that anyone can supply will be greatly appreciated. I am on high speed internet so size of transmission is good up to about 3 or 4MB per message. Phil Garner thrill@bellsouth.net..." [26JAN2006]

Note NOTICE: "...My father was a radio man in VP-14. He flew with pilot Lt. Keller on a mission out of NAS Norfolk, Virginia on November 14, 1937, in a PM-2 # 8668 for a 7.3 hour mission to the "Tzenychandria Disaster." Any idea what the disaster was all about?...Molloy53@cs.com..." [08JUL2001]

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