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AUTHEMENT, P01 Michael Retired mauthementsr68@gmail.com "...I served with VAW-11 (1965), VAW-11 Detachment delta and VAW-113 (1967). I worked on the line getting the planes ready for flight..." [24AUG2011]

FOSTER, CAPTAIN JOHN L. http://mywebpages.comcast.net/ANAPitcairn/john.htm "...Captain John L. Foster graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with a degree in Mathematics, and commissioned an Ensign from the NROTC Regular Program in June 1966. Following commissioning he attended Basic Naval Aviation Officer School in Pensacola, Airborne Tactical Data System (ATDS) and Airborne Intercept Control (AIC) Training at NATTC NAS Glynco, Georgia, and designated a Naval Flight Officer in June 1967. He continued training al NATTC NAS Memphis, Tennessee and RVAW-113 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. He was attached to VAW-113 from February 1968 to April 1970 and served on two deployments aboard USS Constellation operating in the Gulf of Tonkin and Korean waters. He then served at NATTC NAS Glynco, Georgia as the E2B (ATDS) Tactics Operations Programmer from May 1970 to June 1971. In 1971 Captain Foster affiliated with the Naval Reserve atNAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. From 1973 to 1982 he was assigned to VP-64 where he served as Navigator and Tactical Coordinator with Combat Air Crew 3 and held numerous division and department assignments. In October 1982 he was assigned to GVTU-9393 and served as a member of the Inspector General team. In 1984 he served a short tour with PATW1NG-0593 as Executive Assistant to the Commanding Officer. That was followed with another assignment with the GVTU-9393 where he served as the SELRES RTSS Officer coordinating the efforts to bring all reserve units at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania on board the Reserve Training Support System (RTSS) Air. In July 1985 he was assigned to NR NAS Keflavik, Iceland 0293 as Executive Officer. In October 1988 Captain Foster was assigned to the GVTU-9393 lo serve as the Inspector General for NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. In July 1989 he assumed command of NR NAS Keflavik, Iceland 0293 before joining the Inactive Reserve in October 1991. Captain Foster is employed by Lockheed Martin Naval Equipment & Surveillance Systems, Moorestown, New Jersey, as a Senior Member of the Engineering Staff. He is the recipient of the AEGIS EXCELLENCE AWARD for outstanding performance in software management. In 1987, Captain Foster was awarded the Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Captain Foster has been a Life Member in ANA since 1985, and serving as an officer in the Pitcairn Squadron since then. He currently is serving as the Comptroller..." [21JUN2003]

JACKSON, Randy randy0620@sbcglobal.net "...I served with VAW-113 from 1995 to 1999. If there is anyone out there that was there during those times drop me a line..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 21APR2008 | 04JAN2004]

MURRAY, AMH3 Michael J. m-murray@san.rr.com "...Attended VAW-110 Framp school after completing AMH(A1) "A" School in NAS Millington, Tennessee. I served with VAW-113 from 4/94 to 7/97 on board NAS Miramar, California. Line division NX supervisor (ALPO) E2C Plane Captain/ Airframes Troubleshooter/ Final Checker. WestPac 1994,1996 USS Carl Vinson(CVN70) Flight Deck Coordinator WestPac 1996 , Operation Roving Sands 1995, Counter Narcotics Depachment NS Roosevelt Roads, PR 1995, 1996..." [23AUG2007]

PHILLIPS, CDR http://www.navy.mil/homepages/vrc30/home_page_1.htm "...Commander Phillips received his commission through Aviation Officer Candidate School in March 1986. Following initial pilot training and carrier qualifications onboard USS LEXINGTON (AVT 16), Commander Phillips was designated a Naval Aviator in August 1987. He then reported to VAW-110 at NAS Miramar, California for E-2C Fleet Readiness Training. In July 1988, he reported to the Black Eagles of VAW-113, where he served as First Lieutenant, Quality Assurance Officer, Assistant Administrative and Personnel Officer and Assistant Operations Officer. During his tour with the Black Eagles and Carrier Air Wing Fourteen he completed two Western Pacific deployments. The first in 1988 and 1989 aboard USS CONSTELLATION (CV 64) and the second aboard USS INDEPENDENCE (CV 62) in 1990 in support of Operation Desert Shield. In July 1991 Commander Phillips reported to VT-4 at NAS Pensacola, Florida as an instructor pilot training future E-2 and C-2 replacement pilots. While assigned to VT-4 Commander Phillips served as Aviation Safety Officer, Formation and Out-of-Control Flight Phase Head and Standardization Officer. In January 1995 Commander Phillips received orders to the VAW-120 Greyhawks for initial C-2A training and in April of that year reported to the Rawhides of VRC-40. As Officer-in-Charge of Detachment One, he deployed in January 1996 with the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73) Battle Group completing a Mediterranean and Persian Gulf deployment. After returning from deployment in July 1996, he assumed the duties of Operations Officer until detaching from the Rawhides in July 1997. Commander Phillips then reported to the Naval War College, Newport Rhode Island where he completed the Naval Command and Staff Course receiving a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies. Upon graduation from War College in June 1998, Commander Phillips was assigned to the Joint Information Operations Center, Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. There, he served within the Operations Directorate as both Deputy and Team Chief of the Pacific Command Support Team. Based on his experience at the Joint Information Operations Center, Commander Phillips earned an Operations Subspecialty in Information Warfare. In May of 2001, Commander Phillips reported back to the Greyhawks of VAW-120 to undergo C-2A refresher training and in October 2001 reported to the Providers of VRC-30 as the Executive Officer..." [11JUL2003]

PRINSEN, ATCS(AW) Karl "Skip" Retired w7pn@rtconnect.net "...I served with VP-49 (1961 to 1964), VP-30 (1964 to 1967), VP-44 (1967 to 1970), NATTC NAS Memphis, Tennessee AFTA School (1970 to 1974), VAW-113 (1975 to 1978), NAMTRA 1098 & 1013 (1978 to 1981), VF-213 (1981 to 1985), COMFITAEWWINGSPAC (1985 to 1988) a retired in June 1988. I miss the old days and have had many changes in my life. I finished my Masters Degree and am looking for a job that reflects my recent training..." [E-Mail Updated 16APR2009 | BIO and E-Mail Updated 30NOV98 | 24AUG98]

RAMSEY, AFCM(AW) Dennis R. drams01@yahoo.com "...Hello Shipmates. Here is my career in a nut shell. To my friends I have made throughout my career, I send a hearty hello! AFEES/MEPPS NAS Oakland, California December 1979, RTC NB San Diego, California December 1979-February 1980, VP-30 NAS Jacksonville, Florida March 1980-July 1980, VP-22 NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii July 1980-April 1984, VA-122 NAS Lemoore, California April 1984-August 1984, ORD. MOD. DECOMM OF VA-122 DET. NAS Fallon, Nevada, OMD NAS Fallon, Nevada August 1984-December 1987, Broken service December 1987-August 1988, NAVET "U" NB San Diego, California August 1988, VP-9 NAS Moffett Field, California September 1988-September 1992, VX-5/VX-9 NAWC NAS China Lake, California September 1992-July 1996, VAW-113 NAS Miramar, California/NAWC NAS Point Mugu, California July 1996-December 1999, VQ-4 Tinker AFB, OK January 2000-February 2002, VQ-3 Tinker AFB, OK March 2002-January 2003, NAMTRAGRUDET/CNATT DET Tinker Tinker AFB, OK January 2003- December 2004, Retired January 2005, Currently working for Rockwell Collins as a Loggie (developing the Pubs, Training, Sparing, Depot Support etc. for the Electronics and Communications systems that we design and build)..." [BIO Updated 12MAR2007 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 12JUN2004 | E-Mail Updated 04AUG2002 | BIO Updated 05APR2002 | E-Mail Updated 25APR2001 | 01AUG99]

RICHARDSON, Bob (Rich) agent2x4@charter.net "...Looking for folks from VAW-113 from 1983-1985 or so. Would love to hear from the H.U.D., Kevin Crouch, Mitch Bell, Ryan, TJ, Marok, Keith Tolliver, anyone from the gang who did the 1983 world cruise and the 1985 WestPac..." [08OCT2002]

SIDEL, PNC(AW) Phyllis PSIDEL@juno.com "...Attached to VP-49 from December 1986 to July 1991. Currently stationed at VAW-113 onboard MCAS Miramar, CA..."

TOLLIN, Geoffry geoffry.tollin@microwaveguys.com "...I served with VAW-113 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California from 1967 to 1969 including time aboard the USS Constellation (CVA-64). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [04APR2010]

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