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Note NOTICE: "...I have acquired a beautiful brass Ship's wheel Weather Staion with the following engraving: Presented by Friends in VAH-4 ASB 5-2-61. Since this is no doubt an item of historical interest, I would like to locate someone who knows about it; who had it made and for whom, is the owner still alive and does he have family or friends who might remeber and want to claim this item; OR does VAH-4 have some kind of Memorial Museum where they might like to display it. See pictures at http://www.recordjock.com/VAH4a.jpg and http://www.recordjock.com/VAH4b.jpg. If I do not hear from someone I will eventually offer this item for auction on ebay. I would rather be able to donate it for a better purpose, however, if possible...Joel Scarborough joel@artist-murals.com..." [14APR2005]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm currently working with the Sanford City Museum and the Sanford Chamber of Commerce to coordinate and set up a museum at the Sanford Airport to preserve the legacy of NAS Sanford. We have been collecting articles, photos, information, stories and artifacts that relate to the Sanford Airport as it was being used by the Navy....Now the airport is quite commercial, with a lot of business going in and out, and not much attention is being paid to preserve any of the historical importance of the airport. Many of the old buildings have been torn down in the name of "progress"....I've been writing the Airport Authority in attempts to acquire one of the remaining historical buildings or hangars to be used as a museum dedicated to the airport's heritage. If that doesn't work out (so far, we have a display case in the main terminal, but no hangar), I've talked to someone here in Sanford who owns a lot of hangars who is willing to donate some space....We're also working with the Navy to acquire a Vigilante to put on display at the museum once everything is in place. I already have volunteers willing to put the plane together once it is received, as well as do the required maintenance of the craft to keep it at static display status. So far it is looking really good to happen....A website for the project is in production, and I hope to have it up and running soon. Progress updates will be posted on the site on a regular basis, and a mailing list will also be set up and maintained..." Contributed by Tom Royal troyal@dreaminteractive.cc [29MAR2000]

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