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MishapsMISHAPs: 14 FEB 50 A/C: PB-1 Location: NAS Glenview, Illinois Strike: NO BUNO: 77234 Cause: At about 1200, pilot of 77239 was contacted at 400-500-ft, 1.5-2.5mi.,north of field. GCA instructions were followed to four seconds before touch-down. Touch-down was made in the first third of the runway at 100-knots. Braking action was practically nil due to slush and ice on the runway and ice grip tires were not installed. After sliding 3500-ft, and an attempted ground-loop to the right, plane hit a house top, trees and a wire fence, resulting (together with salvage efforts) in estimated Class A damage to the aircraft. Plane:"Stricken" Crew No inj. Pilot Lt. W. J. Chrupcala USN VX-4, Lt. L. M. Stayer USN, Lt. C. F. Staffel USN, F. T Meidel USN, M. L Buchanan USN, and N. R. Ruest USN. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [04APR2002]


Note NOTICE: "...My Uncle flew for VX-4 and disappeared in 1974 and was never found. The Navy never gave us any information about it other than it was too deep to search. They found few pieces of his F-14 and other than that, that is all we knew. His name was Lt. Paul Kane. If anyone has any other information please E-mail me. Thank you....Adam Kanter deadman01005@yahoo.com..." [21MAR2002]

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