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BooksBOOKs: Title: Willy Victor and 25 Knot Hole by Bruce Jarvis (Sep 25, 2012) - I served with VW-11 (09/1957-09/1959) as a Radioman on Crew-7 and Crew-5. I have published a book titled "Willy Victor and 25 knothole." It is available on AMAZON.COM, KINDLE EDITION and BARNES AND NOBLE.COM. It is a chronicle of VW activities during that peirod. Hopefully this will bring back memories for many VW sailors and some fun reading for families. Squadron(s) Mentioned: VW-1, VW-2, VW-3, VW-4, VW-12, VW-13, VW-14, VQ-1 and AEWBarRonPac.." Contributed by JARVIS, Bruce smiley815@bellsouth.net [04NOV2012]

Flight SimulatorSIMULATORs: Description: Lockheed and Kawasaki P-3 Variants VQ-1 (EP-3E Aries II PR-32 and PR-33), CatBird (VP-3A) and NOAA (WP-3D Hurricane Hunter -N42RF)..." WebSite: http://flightinfo.ens.ne.jp/FS_KBT/p3variants.htm [22OCT2005]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "On My Honor, A Navy Wife's Vietnam War" - I have recently published a book about my experiences as the wife of a crew member in VQ-1 from 1968 to 1972. The title is On My Honor, A Navy Wife's Vietnam War. My husband is ATCS (ret) Lowell D.(Dave) Waggoner. My credentials and details about the book are available at my website http://www.karenwaggoner.com. Though the book is lightly fictionalized to protect the identity of the many people involved, it is an absolutely accurate record of my experiences during the difficult years when PR 21 and PR 26 were lost, when many of us lived on the economy in Japan, and when the squadron was moved to Guam. I can be reached through my website http://www.karenwaggoner.com and would love to hear from other VQ-1 wives or from readers. Thanks...Karen W. Waggoner ldwaggonerdw@netscape.net Contributed by Karen W. Waggoner ldwaggonerdw@netscape.net [28JUL2004]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "By Any Means Necessary: America's Secret Air War in the Cold War" - For those who flew the P2V's in the 50' and 60's, there is an interesting book you might want to read. The title is "By Any Means Necessary" by William E Burrows. It was written in 2001. It is about the role of the Navy and Air Force in the flights that used to fly along the coasts of the Soviet Union, China and Korea. They were mostly ferret flights ( go in and light up the radar sights). Part of the book talked about the P2s that were lost on PRAPRO (Peacetime Airborne Recon Program) flights. VP-6 P2V-3 lost in 1951 off Russia 10 Crewmembers died. VP-22 P2V-5 lost Jan 1953 off China 6 died. VP-19 P2V-5 lost Jan 1954 off Russia 1 died after ditching. P2V-5 no squadron named June 1955 shot up by MIG's crashed landed in Alaska. There was also a P4M, 1956 16 lost and a EC-121M 1969 31 lost from VQ-1. The PRAPRO flights that we flew in the P-3 in the 70's and 80's were nothing compared to what these guys had to go through in the early years of the cold war. It is sad that this country did not try to get the crewmembers back home, that survived the ditching and bailouts and were put in prison. The book also talks about the VQ-1 incident (midair) that happened last year. Contributed by LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com [15APR2002]

BooksBOOKs: TITLE: "Stoofs, Fudds, Guppies, Hummers, Sentries, and Willie," Victors: "The History of Airborne Early Warning, 1945-1995," AUTHOR: Lt.Cdmr. Edwin Leigh Armistead, USN, SIZE: Paperback, 5/5" x 8.5" x 0.5" format, pp. 193., PUBLISHED: 1996, Yuma, AZ (self-published book; no ISBN-number)., PRICE: $16.00 (includes USA shipping). AVAILABLE from: A & M Associates, Attn. Mr. Harlan Murray, 5313 Westover Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23464. Any ex-AEW/CIC/Weather Reconnaissance crewman will find this book VERY interesting, not only for it's listing of Squadrons, Commanding Officers, commissioning / decommissioning dates, and deployments, but also for it's "insight" into WHY things happened (or, ended) as they did, especially the Pacific/Alantic Barriers! Until book this book, I really didn't know WHY the Navy's SeaDEWLine barriers (seaward extensions of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line) suddenly came to an end mid-1965; I only knew that they DID and that I had been caught in the middle....I recommend this book to ALL ex-AEW/CIC/Weather Reconnaissance crewmen who yearn to learn more about their old Squadrons. The line-drawings may not be very good, but the information is excellent! Too bad it has a USAF 'Connie (boo!) on the cover instead of a WV2, EC-121K, EC-121M, or WC-121N! Ha ha..." Contributed by McCAUL, AT1(AC) Earles L. elmccaul@q.com

UPDATE "...I saw a self published book advertised on the site titled: "Stoofs,Fudds,Guppies,Hummers, Sentries, and Willie Victors: The History of Airborne Early Warning,1945-1995". I ordered the book from A & M Associates, Attn. Mr. Harlan Murray 5313 Westover Lane, Virginia Beach,Virginia 23464 for $16.00 Postpaid in USA. The original printing is sold out and the second printing was updated and the Title changed to "Grease Pencils and Florescent Bananas: The History of Airborne Early Warning Aircraft." Author: Edwin Leigh Armistead, published 1998 in San Diego, California. This is a soft cover that measures 5.2" X 8.5" X 0.5" and has a black and white photo of a E-2 on the cover, there are no photos or illustrations in the book except for front and rear cover. Lots of reference text, and a good read that fills in a lot of gaps and answers some lingering questions of logic. E-Mail for Leigh Armistead is ArmisteadE@aol.com..." Contributed by Donald O. Dockendorf Haulinas@webtv.net[23SEP99]

BooksBOOKs: "...I just purchased a fine book on the P4M that I think would go on this page. One of the other original pilots from Special Projects (later VQ-1) told me of a book that has been published about the P4M-1/-1Q so I searched the Internet (none of the local book stores had any info on it) until I found a hobby shop in Usk, Washington, that had it. I wondered were Usk is also, it's in eastern Washington. The book is only 105 pages with a soft cover but loaded with info on the plane and the 3 units that flew it: VP-21, VQ-1 & VQ-2. On page 96 is a photo of a VQ-1 P4M-1Q that had the starboard main gear collapse in Naples in October 1957. According to the info under the pix it was piloted by CDR Sparks and LTJG N. W. Rankin. Ned Rankin was one of my students when I was instructing at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida after my tour in P4Ms. I used to say that I had trained my own replacement before I left active duty in 1954. If you're interested the book is "Naval Fighters Number 37 - Martin P4M-1/-1Q Mercator" by Steve Ginter. Item number is "NF-37" Cost is $15.95 + $3.00 shipping. I ordered it Tuesday and it came today. The hobby shop is Aviation Usk, Fax/phone (509) 445-1236. Their web site is http://www.povn.com/avusk/..." Contributed by Mel Davidow meldavidow@earthlink.net [08JUN98]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "The Sixth Fleet: Seawolf" [I also have a couple of novels on the streets titled The Sixth Fleet and The Sixth Fleet: Seawolf. I have made sure that I have VQ and EP-3E in each of these two. The Sixth Fleet: Tomcat due for release by Penguin Putnam February 5, 2002, has a complete VQ/EP-3E subplot in it.] by MEADOWS, David E. AKA "Igor" igor1010@hotmail.com [12DEC2001]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "The Sixth Fleet" [I also have a couple of novels on the streets titled The Sixth Fleet and The Sixth Fleet: Seawolf. I have made sure that I have VQ and EP-3E in each of these two. The Sixth Fleet: Tomcat due for release by Penguin Putnam February 5, 2002, has a complete VQ/EP-3E subplot in it.] by MEADOWS, David E. AKA "Igor" igor1010@hotmail.com [12DEC2001]

VP ModelsMODELs: Decal Kits ThumbnailModel decals, VP Aircraft, etc. are available for: VP-4, VP-6, VP-8, VP-14, VP-31, VP-42, VP-45, VP-67, VP-47, VP-49, VP-50, VP-60, VP-64, VP-69, VP-60, VQ-1, Plus more! (MIKE'S HOBBY SHACK) http://mkhobbyshack.bizland.com/ [12AUG99]

Flight SimulatorSIMULATORs: Description: FS2002 VQ-1 Super Constellation (vq1_c121.zip) Download: vq1_ec121_01_24apr2003.zip Contributed by Rick Wooton rwooton@charter.net [24APR2003]

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