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VP CrewCREWs: "...I found this great jacket today at a thrift store here in Cordova, TN. Near Memphis, TN. The jacket is in fantastic condition, it even still has the leather pull on the zipper pull. Jim Collier, ENS USNR. The Squadron patch looks to be mostly handsewn, on a leather base. VPMS PABST 'Beer Can 9', THREE. It was stenciled in pen, and not all of the patch got sewn in. Part of it is still just pen marks. I started researching the squadron, so that I could find either the man/his family, or someone that knew him. Maybe I can find a place that would love to have the jacket to display with their VP-MS-3, TSINGTAO DET items. On the patch you can see the names of the men he served with in the squadron. HOOVER, CULBERT, NORMAN, REEDY, DANNER, SEAL, LUTHER, WATSON, HAGEMAN, RUTTMAN, GEIGER, COLLIER. I hope you can use this info. Best wishes...Lisa P. troutnmom@bellsouth.net [02NOV2005]

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