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MishapsMISHAPs: 10 JAN 48 A/C: PBM-3S Marina LOCATION: Tsingtao Seadrome, China Strike: Yes BUNO: 84606 JATO exploded during takeoff. Aircraft destroyed by fire. ACOM M.E. Rifenberg. http://www.vpinternational.ca/BOOK/honour_roll/HonourRollUS/page1.html [05JUL2004]

UPDATE History - Tap To Enlarge ThumbnailCameraMishap Aircraft "...Photograph from my Dad, Elbert Clell Howell, collection while serving with VP-MS-2. I think the AC in question would be SA-8 and it would have been my Dad's crew. That'd also explain how it burned. JATO's can be a double edged sword..." Contributed by Frank Howell frank.howell.contractor@usap.gov [27AUG2009]

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