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GRAZIANO, Eugene ngsb@cox.net "...I served with VP-135, which in 1947 was redesignated VP-ML-5 from 1946 through 1947 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island, San Juan, and NS Roosevelt Roads, PR. I often think of the night we received orders at NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, to strafe Cuban guarillas in the mountains of Cuba who were rebelling against the Dictator Batiste. I personally believed the guarillas were in the right, but it was going to be my job to do the straffing, as I was the best gunner in the squadron at the time. I spent a sleepless night soul searching, and decided to myself that I would shoot a lot, but not hit anyone on the ground. I realize now that I would have done my duty as ordered, if for no other reason than to protect my crew. Fortunately, as we were boarding the plane at three A.M. we received last minute cancellation of orders, and I was spared that horrible duty of machine gunning the people I personally supported in my heart. Funny, I dreamed about it last night, 53 years later. In 1948, I served on the Kearsearge, as a plane captain in a fighter squadron..." [E-Mail Updated 15SEP2002 | 09JAN2000]

MORSE, Fred FMorse@aol.com "...I went through operational at NAS Banana River, Florida in March 1946 in PBM5's, then to VP-201 in San Juan until they returned to NAS Norfolk, Virginia, and in to VP-ML-5 as I recall. VP-741 in P-2V's at NAS Jacksonville, Florida during Korea with a 6 month tour on Malta. Was at NAS New York, New York in VP-832, VP-834 and VP-839, all P-2V's. Was called back during Cuba in VP-832 and retired in 1966 with 7 active and 16 reserve. Found time to fly 33 years for TWA, retiring in 1985..." [13MAY98]

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