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Note NOTICE: "...I am doing a story on P-3B BUNO: 153426. I am looking for pictures of this aircraft when it was in VP-62 (1979-1989) and VP-93 (1989-1992). This aircraft was involved in a VP-4 mid-air with a Coast Guard C-130 (December 12th, 1971) and VP-4 almost lost her (prop overspeed) again (ditched) in the South China (August 18th, 1975) as well as a couple of other interesting events. If anyone has interesting events with this aircraft - please contact me. Thanks..." Contributed by LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com [15JUL2013]

Note NOTICE: "...Disestablishment of Commander Reserve Patrol Wing (SEE: OPNAVNOTE 3111)..." Contributed by Merrill Kruse kruse@navmar.com [03FEB2007]

Disestablishment of Commander Reserve Patrol Wing
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This invitation is extended to ALL personnel active duty, FTS/TAR & SelRes who served in any Reserve VP Squadron (VP-60, VP-62, VP-64, VP-65, VP-66, VP-67, VP-68, VP-69, VP-90, VP-91, VP-92, VP-93, VP-94, VP-MAU, VP-SAU/SRU), any Reserve VP Training Command (RATCEN, RESASWTAC, RESASWTAC East/RESASWTAC West) or any Reserve VP Support Unit (TSC units, MOCC units).

On 23 June 2007, following the Change of Command for Capt. Ken Lewko (VP-92,VP-66, CO RATCEN, Wing CSO, etc.) there will be a "celebration" of sorts, to commemorate Commander Reserve Patrol Wing (formerly COMRESPATWINGLANT & COMRESPATWINGPAC) at its Disestablishment. It is thought that this would be the best "Last Chance" for those that have served in the Reserve Force Maritime Patrol Aviation community across the years to get together one last time and remember the long and proud heritage of which each of us is a part.

Plans are underway, with a major question being "how many will attend?" If you plan on attending please send an email response to:

CDR Phillips

You should then receive an evite invitation which will provide additional details and costs. You must return the evite with payment in order to ensure access to the event.

Date: 23 June 2007
Place: NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
Time: TBA

Note NOTICE:  History ThumbnailCameraVP-93 P-3 "...We remain active even though disestablished. VP-93's last aircraft LH-02 is in the Selfridge Air Museum at Selfridge ANG base in MI. This is the only known P-3B aircraft not only on display but open for tours! During the summer former 'Executioners' and friends 'man' the P-3 watch. We 'operated' LH-02 last summer with great success and intend to do the same this summer. This year LH-02 is 'armed'. Due to a lot of hard work, dedication and 'comshaw' artists we have taked a gutted aircraft to a near operational state. Pass the word VP-93 'Executioners' are on duty..." Contributed by BOOKER, AW1 Caryl L. Retired cbooker@neo.rr.com WebSite: http://home.neo.rr.com/vp93/ [06MAR2006]

Note NOTICE: "...Seeking a VP-93 patch from NAF Detroit, Michigan, located on Selfridge ANGB, Mt. Clemens, Michigan. I had one a few years ago, and I lost it. I searched the internet, militaria/antique shops, Gun & Knife shows, Ebay, and nothing turned up. I would love to get my hands on another one. If anyone can help, please email me. Thanks for reading this!...Craig Bogl airforcepatches@gmail.com..." [18NOV2004]

Note NOTICE: "...My uncle (Frank Kittle) served in FAW-7 VP-93 1941-45. His home was in upstate New York. Does anyone remember him?...George Newton george.newton@delta-air.com..." [03NOV2000]

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