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Note NOTICE: "...I have a limited number of books on the history of VP-935 from 1963 to 1968. It is 73 pages and I will send it out FREE to former Shipmates who served in the squadron. Contact me at larobidoo@comcast.org if interested..." Contributed by ROBIDEAU, AWCS Larry Retired larobidoo@comcast.net..." [02FEB2010]

Note NOTICE: "...Great site; a chance to archive all my old crew pictures and sea stories before they are lost upon my passing. What ever happened to ADC Paul Martin, VP-935 during the late '60s? He had reserve service prior to WWII but no active during WWII hostilities or during the Korean War hostilities. Last I heard he needed a special law passed before he could retire with pay. Did this "catch 22" ever get settled? Was Chief Martin able to retire with pay?...ROBIDEAU, AWCS Larry Retired larobidoo@comcast.net..." [22FEB2005]

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