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BUSKIRK, AE2 Arthur Van basshorn@nep.net "...Served with VP-933 as an AE2 from 9/62 to 12/64. Previously drilled with NRSD 4-53/L in Scranton. In January 1965 was transfered out of the area by my employer. I recall AcdutRa in 8/63 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and in 7/64 at NAS Brunswick, Maine. I also participated in an ASW exercise at NAS New York, New York in May of 1963..." [27APR2006]

FRONEFIELD, John C jfronef1@aol.com "...I was with VP-933 from 10/1/60 to 7/31/67...I flew with Crew 3, one of the St Louis crews. I am looking to make contact with anyone from that squadron during that 7 yr time period. Would like to have a Reunion if we can work it out. I still have the original squadron roster of names and addresses, but the addresses have changes over these many years. Looking forward to hearing from you. John C Fronefield 21 Sherman Turnpike Offutt AFB, NE 68113-1040 402-293-8652..." [E-Mail Updated 21NOV99 | 30NOV98]

HUNSBERGER, AC2 William W. molehillrock@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-933 (1964-1969) and flew with Crew-1 (CM, MAD and 2nd Mechanic)..." [07APR2016]

MYERS, Ken seaborn@earthlink.net "...I served with VP-933 NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as a aircrewman. We were recalled to active duty from 1961-1962. I was on plane 2 with CDR Hayes & Company. I have been looking for John Quinn, Sam Blizzard, and Doc Savage. If anyone knows their whereabouts, I would appreciate a comeback. I am now working with NAVAIRSEAFAC at NAS New Orleans, Louisiana DRP-36..." [20DEC2001]

O'DAIRE, AOC Alfred W. Sr. Retired c/o Son Alfred W. O'Daire, Jr., SSgt, USMC alfred_odaire@chs.net "...My Father, AOC Alfred W. O'Daire, Sr., served with VP-933 in the 1960's. I remember him going off to Cuba. I also remember watching him come in on his Neptune when we came to the base to pick him up. He is very proud of his time in the Neptunes, probably more than anything else he did in his 27 years in the Navy. I look for anything I can find in reference to his beloved Neptunes for him. He has a beautiful 72nd scale model I made him of LT-7, and I'm working on a scratch 48th scale for him now. The old Chief is still healthy and 84 and would love to hear from former Shipmates..." [19SEP2012]

TOMLINSON, David djt61@aol.com "...I was stationed at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania from Jan 65 to Apr 71, and was an ADR3. Before there was VP-64 and VP-66 there was VP-933. We flew and worked on the P2V'E'. It would be interesting to know if there are any of the orginal VP-933 personnel around...."

VARADY, AE Charles cdvara@aol.com "...A P2V on a carrier flightdeck!--NO WAY? My path into the VP Navy would be somewhat different then most. My two first encounters with P2V's came while aboard the carrier RANDOLPH CVA 15. I was a ships company airman, "blueshirt", plainhandler and we, having just completed a Mediterraniean cruisewere making our final stop at Gibraltar before heading back to the U.S. This the early spring of 1958. Out comes a barge with a P2V, wings removed outboard of the engines,prop tips neatly bent back with the look of a gear up landing. I suppose it was decided that it was repairable back stateside. We hoisted the plane aboard and it became flight deck cargo for the return crossing. My second P2V encounter came a few days latter.I was part of a skeleton air branch crew,maintained thru the night in the event a plane launch was necessary. Ship was running in a darkened condition.We were on the flight and could here faint aircraft engines in the distance.The sound grew closer and then "DAYLIGHT"! We had been lit up by a P2V flying out of the States for a visual I.D. After leaving the seagoing Navy, I joined up with VP-733, then merged with VP-933. As a reserve unit, we were recalled to active duty '61-'62. As an AE I actually worked on the P2V-5 wingtip carbon arc search light. Who knows, maybe one of our squdran planes was the one that "lit up the Randolph" those few years earlier..." [BIO Updated 11AUG2004 | 08NOV99]

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