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"Up Floats"
Contributed by George B. Winter pbycat@bellsouth.net

"Action Report by LT Martin"
9 Pages Full of Pictures!

George B. Winter pbycat@bellsouth.net

"This issue will be an action report by LT Martin and the following issues will be reports of Dumbo missions made during his second tour. Also photos taken by LT Easterling of the first tour. I don't know how he obtained a camera to take all these pictures but he did.

It is time to plan to make the PBYCIA Reunion in Albuquerque, NM September 30 through October 4, 1998. So much to see and enjoy with other PBY members.

I talked with Tony Mascolo, and you will see his pictures of old shipmates in this issue. Tom Conley called after he received the last issue of UpFloats and I will go down to visit him as soon as I can.

I called Bill Scarbrough. He was busy getting ready to go to a Midway Dinner, which was being held around the nation and I have not had a report back from him. While we are on the subject of Midway, I was really dissapointed that we didn't have any news coverage about Midway. It is a sad period of this nation when nothing is noted about this great battle. It seems all the news is the bad news and then they beat it to death for days. They never think what would have happened if we had lost the Battle of Midway and maybe the war. What it would be like to be under the control of a foreign power. Thank God we never had to find out.

I received a post card from Jim Morrison and he noted that Doyle's attack on the Japanese submarine might have been on that carried aircraft.

Talked to Bob Weber and he is getting ready to make his annual trip to Upstate New York. Hope he is working on his three rescues so we all can enjoy reading it, and learn exactly what happened.

I hope this finds everyone in the best of health. Looking forward to seeing many of our members in Albuquerque.

Until next time..."

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