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"Up Floats"
Contributed by George B. Winter pbycat@bellsouth.net

"DUMBO Missions - Second Tour"
6 Pages Full of Pictures!

George B. Winter pbycat@bellsouth.net

"...Reunion time again, why not, all we have left is golf, fishing, and other sports. But, most important, our memories of yesteryear. Look at what we accomplished with pride and courage. Compare our era against today and if you think like I to, you don't like what you see. Anyway, think about making the PBYCIA Reunion in Albuguerque, meeting with old Shipmates. If you not a member of the PBYCIA Association - write for information (James Thompson, 1510 Kabel Drive, New Orleans, LA 70131).

This issue will be aobut DUMBO Missions carried out by the second tour VP-91. #1 mission by Lt. H. E. Speakman, #2 mission by Lt. H. G. Dawson, and #3 by Lt. Easterling. This issue included photo's from the USS Curtiss.

Eric Mitchell visited with me and I took him over to NAS Jacksonville, Fla and he did some research about the station. I did not know they do have information and photos of the early beginnings of the Naval Air Station. Eric is a young fellow and really a great PBY enthusiast. He has two web sites on the InterNet. #1 is www.pby.com and #2 is www.pby.org. Look them up and enjoy. He would like information on PBY's to put on the net. I arranged for him to meet Bill Scarborough and it was a good meeting. It would be wonderful if you guys would drop me a card in the mail just to say hello.

See you at the REUNION..."

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