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Contributed by BROWN, Bob "Skinny" skinnybp3fe@yahoo.com

VP-90 Reunion
July 26th through 29th, 2012
Great Lakes, Il

UPDATE "...Registrations..." Forwarded by BROWN, Bob "Skinny" skinnybp3fe@yahoo.com [03JUL2012]

Good Monday Morning to all Lions,

We are THREE (3) weeks away from our reunion with the 4th of July this week. I have about one third of the registrations in, that I'm expecting.

I have about a WEEK AND A HALF to firm up the numbers so I can let the food venders know how many people they will be feeding. DO NOT EXPECT TO SHOW UP AND HAVE FOOD, OR A PLACE IN THE GROUP IF YOU HAVEN'T SENT IN YOUR REGISTRATION, THAT MEAN YOU SKINNEY, AND THE REST OF THE PROCRASTINATORS.



Here is what is ahead of me and an update.

I have to get the sodas, beer and other items for the Thursday night event (numbers?) at the Goat Locker.

Have talked with base security and getting the run around. If you have a military ID and your vehicle info, you do not need a base pass to get on and off the base. Working on putting an identifyer for the dash of all attending.

Still have to get directions out to all.

Have to give a firm number to the Pig Roaster for Friday night's event. This is also needed for the banquest at the Port-O-Call.

Rooms are still available on the base but they are not going to hold them much longer as they have other events to deal with.

Have to order the beer (keg{s}) for Friday and Saturday.

Have to have name tags and indicators for what people have signed up and paid for each event.

Still working (and getting the run around) on supplemental transportation.


Thursday: Set up at the Goat Locker, for those early birds and helpers, 1500 hours with expecting arrivals 1430 hours and later.

Friday: RTC graduation start shuttling people to event at 0730 hrs, have to go through security to get in the gate and seated well ahead of event start at 0900 hours, sharp. WILL take at least 3 trips in van.

Get pavilion open for early beach comers and lunch picnicers.

1500 hours for helpers to set up and meet the pig roaster, he will need two hours to finish the cooking prior to serving. Get the DJ set up

1750 hours prepare for the 1800 meal. Clean up pavilion after eating and the event for next group prior to turning over key for inspection.

Saturday: Set up memorbilia at the Port-O-Call, Still waiting on band reply for music, or alternative.
    1700/1730 to 1800, coctail/social hour

    1800, recgonize and pay respects to our departed shipmates:

    Banquet and auction

    Repack memorbilia after closing.

Sunday: Breakfast/business meeting, 0900 hrs.
    Full Moon restaurant, Hwy 41, just south of Buckley Rd, on east side of hwy (left, if going south) 1/4 mile.

Let's go people, once the chocks are pulled, the aircraft is taking off. No stopping for straglers.


P.S. Attachments included in this message.

UPDATE "...Hello Everyone..." Forwarded by BROWN, Bob "Skinny" skinnybp3fe@yahoo.com [24MAY2012]

Some have already seen this information, sorry for the duplication, but I want to make sure everyone gets the word. Here is the registration form: VP-90 Registration Form PDF 70KB.

LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com

This is from Geno.

Everyone can register at the GateWay Inns and Suites on base. We have 60 rooms blocked but can get more if available. Rooms are $55.00 (suites) or $45.00 (one bedroom with small kitchenette). I will get you the phone number as you have to call them direct. The general reservation # does not have the blocked VP-90 info. Tel no. 1-877-NavyBed.

I have received word that someone has blocked 10 rooms at the Navy Lodge in Great Lakes housing. . I am also going to see about getting a special rate at the Ramada in Waukegan, which has pools and restaurant, and bar that the Navy Lodge does not have.

Thursday, 26th, will be an early bird cook out at the Goat Locker (in base housing). There will be no problem with the base Chiefs as they are invited. Plans are to have a book signing (VP-90 Chief's only) for the selectees at this event, still in the works.

Friday, if enough people are interested, we attend the recruit graduation at RTC. Will need names and numbers, more info later. We have the beach pavilion all day with a pig roast that afternoon/evening with a "China Beach" theme. Saturday will be our banquet and auction at the Port O Call.

Working on a possible tour of battle stations (RTC) which would be awesome. Gives you an idea of what the boots go through to graduate.

Sunday, our business meeting will be at the Full Moon restaurant with a buffet breakfast for those who wish to attend. This will be a pay event for those attending. Will have a price when details are worked out.

The early bird (Thursday) will provide a keg with a BYOB.

The committee is finalizing menuís and prices and a registration form to e-mail, snail mail out to everyone. We will be creating a VP-90 challenge coin for the event.

Deposits and contracts are signed so these events are guaranteed.

We will be mailing out times, maps, etc. when we start getting closer.


P.S. If one does not have a base sticker for their vehicle(s) try to get one. Arrangements will be made for base passes for others, however, that will require vehicle info, etc..

P.P.S. We would also like to know if/or how many people would be interested in attending Friday morning recruit graduation ceremony at RTC. Also, if we can arrange a "Battle Stations" tour at RTC on Saturday, if people are interested. Just have them write it on the back of the registration. Phone #'s would be nice if they would like to include them.

Also please send the registration forms to Geno, since Butch is out of town a lot.

LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com

UPDATE "...We have rooms at Great Lakes Navy Station reserved under VP-90 Reunion for $55.00 a night. THURSDAY - Early Bird Get-Together (club), FRIDAY - Beach Dinner (casual) and SATURDAY NIGHT: Big dinner with program. More coming..." Contributed by BROWN, Bob "Skinny" skinnybp3fe@yahoo.com [11APR2012]

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