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Contributed by LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com

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Reunion Update

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Greetings Fellow Lions.

We had another successful reunion this year. It was the 30th Anniversary of the forming of Patrol Squadron Ninety.

On Friday night we had 54 members and their guests meet at Duffers Den, the former Great Lakes CPO Club. It was an informal time, with shipmates renewing old friendships.

On Saturday we gathered at the picnic grounds near the marina at Great Lakes Training Center. We had 36 additional members show up for the picnic. So with the majority of the 54 members from Friday, we had about 85 members at this event. With the guests included we about 140 people at the picnic. So it was our best turnout so far in the years we have held these reunions. Attached is the list of names of the VP-90 members present. We had a wonderful meal, including lumpia. Some of us had not had that in along time. We had a very good catered meal. There was plenty of food to go around. The only thing missing was the San Miguel beer. A vote was taken and all agreed we wanted to go back to the P.I.

Again the majority of the day was spent talking to old friends and telling those great sea stories. Also catching up on what the members were doing nowadays.

We held a meeting during the afternoon to discuss our next reunion. A vote was taken by those present for our next reunion. The next reunion will be in March 2002 in Memphis, TN. The reunion committee will have more information later on as to which weekend it will be and the activities planned.

We held our auction to help raise funds to pay for the reunion. Ron Leis did a superb job as usual being the auctioneer. He does a great job raising the money to pay for these events. The major items sold were, a Maint. Control sign (from the passageway), a squadron plaque, a P-3 model, a several pictures of the last VP-90 plane landing in Adak. The big ticket items were, a framed picture of the P-3 landing at

Adak, a VP-90 P-3 framed Don Feight print and a P-2V Don Feight framed print.

We also want to thank Don Grobl for helping to raise funds with the reunion buttons, he makes for each reunion. Also we want to thank Butch Michaelson for taking care of the squadron T-shirts. We had a anniversary t-shirt made. It had all the squadron logos on the back and a P-3 with 2000 on the front.

Bill McConnell also spoke on the importance of helping to save Hanger One at Glenview.

We have one more place to hang one of our VP-90 P-3 prints. When the VP squadrons moved from Barbers Point to Kanehoe, a new headquarters building was built. The admiral wanted to have the walls covered in the rich history of the VP's past. So I contacted them and they agreed to accept one of our prints. I was also able to acquire a squadron plaque and our last squadron patch to send to them. So now will be have something from VP-90 hanging on the walls of COMPATRECONFORPAC (formerly COMPATWINGSPAC). If anyone is interested in getting a squadron patch, we had 50 of them made. They are the ones with the roaring lions head. Contact me or Butch Michaelson about getting one. They are $5.00 each.

On Sunday about 40 members gathered for a Sunday brunch at Flannagan's.

So it was a successful reunion, thanks to the following members: Steve Reeve, Mike Pabich and Butch Michaelson in planning the reunion, Ron Leis and Skinny Brown in helping set up for the reunion. Also want to thank Virginia Ann Michaelson for manning the table to sign people in and collect monies. If I left anyone else out, I am sorry for not mentioning your name.

See you at one of the next reunions.

John Larson oriondriver1975@yahoo.com

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