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Contributed by LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com

"VP-90 Newsletter"
May 2000
Number 7

Greetings everyone,

I have received some info so I wanted to pass them on.

1.    There is a company in Greybull, Wy that is getting P-2's and P'-3's to convert into fire bombers, I believe. Old P-2's buno 148355 is one of the P-2's there. It was in VP-90 in the early 70's. Speaking of old VP-90 planes, I have been in contact with the P-3 project manager at AMARC in Tucson, AZ.. P-3, buno 153458 our famous print plane is in storage there. It will be flying again, it is going to US Custom Service. I am hoping to get out there this summer and get some pictures of the plane for the reunion.

I have received an email from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I offered to donate a copy of our print to the museum. I will hear in June if they are willing to accept one.

2.    Here is a place to go and view a story on the history of Barbers Pt and the base closure. It is almost one year since it closed (July 1st, 1999). http://starbulletin.com/1999/07/01/news/story2.html.

Guenter Kleinmaier was in Hawaii this year and passed this info. The Coast Guard is still flying there. The beaches have been turned over to the civilians.

The only thing that is still open as of May are the commissary, McDonalds, and the mini-mart. The housing is still be used on base.

3.    Here is some info I got from Leslie Coker

I'd like to take a moment to appeal to the VP6O, VP9O, VR51 and all personnel stationed prior to GNAS Base Closure. Although each Squadron has a yearly gathering, our Glenview Survivors yearly banquet would be a good venue to get everyone together on common ground. If only for the sake of keeping a current roster for future reference.

I'm still a drilling Reservist and it's sad that were losing all our shipmates from GNAS by the droves. Forced retirement, HY tenure, etc. Maybe its not important to you now, but when you look back at some of the best times of your life, I'd be surprised if Glenview isn't one of them. For that reason, I'd like to persuade some of the more recent retiree's join us. This banquet is once a year and you would be surprised at some of the people you'll run into. Give it a shot, make that two....

Membership is $3.00 per \ household to cover our tri-yearly newsletter. The Banquet cost's $18.00 per person, (1 guest per \ member) due by April 15th (we'll accept late reservations until May 17th) The Banquet will be Friday, May 19th, happy hour starts @ 5:15 pm, dinner @ 7:00 pm, located at:

Mr. Peters Banquets,
NE Corner of Rand & Central
1018 E Mt Prospect Plaza
Mt Prospect, IL 60056
847 259-0013

Were working on having a pianist after dinner for die-hard party'ers. If you've paid for dinner but cannot attend, 24 hour notice prior to the banquet is required for reimbursement. Tables are reserved per squadron so make sure you include your name, rate \ rank, address, phone #, email address and what unit you were attached to. Make checks payable to:

Glenview Survivors
Attn: Leslie Coker
276GA Shorewood Dr
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
630 690-2682

Lastly, we're contemplating informal meetings at the Park Ridge VFW, (Higgins & Canfield) the Monday or Tuesday (June 5th or 6th & Oct 9th or 10th) prior to the newsletter deadline at 7:30 pm. Just a way to touch bases with everyone. Call me for the exact date, one month prior, if your interested in attending. We'll be looking for you.....

4.    The attached pictures are from Roger Schorr. They are pictures of the New Glenview redevelopment area.

5.    I have been talking to a couple of Lions. We are concerned the direction this country is going. We have found several websites that might be of interest to concerned Veterans. If you would like to know what they are let me know. If you would like to get in on our discussions, please let me know and I will create a separate address group to pass info back and forth.

6.    Sorry no info to pass as of yet on the reunion. I hope to something by next month.

Well that is all for now, enjoy the Summer

John Larson

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