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Contributed by LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com

"VP-90 Newsletter"
April 3, 1998
Number 3

Hello everyone.

This is the next newsletter dealing with the upcoming reunion in Pensacola, Florida on March 19 and 20, 1999, for those that are planning on attending. I have other general information at the end of this newsletter.

I have contacted The Traders John's Bar, which is located in downtown Pensacola, FL. They have the Blue Angel Museum, next door. It can accommodate 150-200 people. There is no charge in using this room. The only cost is for food and drinks. The plan is to meet there at 1900 on Friday March 19th, 1999. On Sat we will be at the Naval Museum in Nas Pensacola. The reunion committee has decided to have our official gathering at the Cubi Bar Café in the Museum. We will probably go with the buffet meal. The time to meet at the Café is around 1830, on March 20th, 1999. The cost per person with the buffet is approximately $23.00. That includes the extra expenses too. I had a breakdown on costs in the last newsletter. I was talking to former Skipper Marty Black and he told me that VP-90 was the last Reserve VP squadron to get into Cubi Pt. (March 1992), before the base closed. So it is significant that we are having our gathering in the Cubi Bar Café, Seven years to the month since VP-90 was last in Cubi Pt, P.I. Again the original Cubi Officers Club bar is in the Café. Along with 100's of squadron plagues.

For those of you considering taking the bus to Pensacola, Ron Hilson is arranging that. Again the cost for the bus is $6000.00 including 2 drivers for the weekend. It would leave Minneapolis on Wed and arrive in Pensacola on Fri morning. It would leave Pensacola on Sun afternoon and get to Minneapolis on Tues. It would stop in Milwaukee and Chicago. If we get 40 people, it would cost $150.00/ person. If we have 30 people, then the cost is $200.00/ person. If you want to take the bus, contact Ron Hilson directly. His address is: 9106 Ashley Terrace, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443. His Tel no is (612)-454-6030. We will need a commitment from people who want to take the bus to see if this is feasible. Again we need to find out how many want to take the bus.

The following information is on billeting and lodging. Each person will be responsible on arranging their own accommodations.


1. The Navy Lodge is across the street from the Naval Museum. Reservations no. is (800)-628-9466. The number at the Pensacola Lodge is (850)-456-8676 and Fax is (850)-457-7151. You can reserve a room in Jan. They have 86 total rooms. The cost is about $50.00, if I remember correctly. They said that we would probably be able to get rooms there.

2. Billeting at Nas Whiting Field, Milton, FL. It is about 40 minutes away. They have Consolidated Bachelor Quarters. The tel. nos. are (850)-623-7605, 7606 and 7607. They should be able to accommodate Space A for us. They have 2 room suites for $16.00. Transit Officers rooms are $10.00. 3. Mainside or Nas Pensacola. They might have Space A for Enlisted members. The tel. no is (850)-452-3438. Sample rates are: E-9 is $25.00; with wife, $27.00. Single rooms are $9.60 and doubles are $5.60. For Officers, it doesn't look good right now; two of the buildings are getting refurbished, so space might not be available in March. Their tel. No is (850)-452-2755. Call around the first of the year to see if there will be Space A.


1. Blue Angel Naval Recreation Area. Camping is at the NTTC Corry Station. It is North of Mainside and the Museum. Reservation no is (850)-453-9435. Email address is: NTTC-Pen.MWR-0720@NTTC-PEN.Navy.Mil.

2. Fort Pickens. It is out on Santa Rosa Island, near Pensacola Beach. Call (850)-934-2622. The Cost is $20.00 with electricity and $6.00 entrance fee. 3. Big Lagoon State park on Perdido Key outside Nas Pensacola. Call (850)-492-1595. Cost is $10.00 with electricity.

On Pensacola Beach

1. Comfort Inn Pensacola Beach. Phone is (850)-934-5400. Price is $39-59. It is a new hotel.

2. Best Western Pensacola Beach. Phone is (800)-934-3300. Price is $39-69.

3. Beachside Resort, phone is (850)-932-5331. Price is $39-79.

Others on Pensacola Beach are Clarion Suites and Hampton Inn.

Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze which is on the way to Pensacola Beach, is the Holiday Inn Bay Beach. Phone is (850)-932-2214. Cost is $59-79.


1. Days Inn Historic District on Palafax St, phone is (850)-438-4922. Cost is $39-61.

2. Seville Inn on Garden St. Phone is (800)-277-7275. Cost is $35-79.

3. New World Landing on Palafax St. Phone is (850)-434-7736. Cost is $70.

4. Near NTTC Corry Station is the Comfort Inn/ NASA Corry, it is on Warrington Road. Phone is (850)-455-3233. Cost is $50-62.


1. Days Inn North on Pensacola Blvd. Phone is (850)-476-9090. Cost is $41-65.

2. Hampton Inn University Mall on Plantation Rd. Phone is (850)-477-3333. Cost is $41-65.

3. Holiday Inn University Mall on Plantation Rd. Phone is (850)-474-0100. Cost is $69-85.

4. Near the Pensacola Muni Airport is the Hampton Inn Airport. Phone is (850)-478-1123. Cost is $79-86.

This is the list that I have compiled for billeting and lodging. This will be the only time that I will have this list of accommodations. If you are planning on going, please save this list. So you can pick the place you want to stay. There is a possibility that there might be beach cottages and 2 bedroom trailers available on the base near the museum. Bob Korman will be going to Pensacola this winter and he will be checking on that information.

We would like to have an idea of how many members will be coming for the 5th anniversary reunion of VP-90's decommissioning at Pensacola. So if you are thinking about coming please let me know. We will have to make arrangements on much food to order. If we don't get a big enough turnout, then we might have to make alternate plans for our gathering on Sat night.


1. Some of our members have already heard about the passing of Jim Rohlfing. Jim passed away from cancer on June 21st in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. His interment was in Rolla, Missouri. A fund was set up in Jim's name to help with his medical expenses. If you would like to help, send money to the Jim Rohlfing Fund, C/O NAS Credit Union, Bldg. 262, NASJB New Orleans, LA 70143. Or you can send it to Stan Chambers (former VP-90 member) at 311 W. Queensbury, Slidell, LA 70461.

2. Congratulations to former Skipper Sam Kupresin. He was selected for Admiral.

3. For those of you who were fortunate enough to fly the SP-2H. Don Feight don@feightstudios.com [E-Mail Updated 05AUG2000] WebSite: http://www.feightstudios.com/navalasw.htm , who did the VP-90 P-3B print, is doing a print of a P2V-7. It is not finished yet; I have seen the ruff copy. It will probably be in VP-4 markings. If you would like to get one, Don's address is: 8044 South Race Way, Littleton, CO 80122-3216. He can send you a post card with the finished print on it. Then you can get an idea what it will look like. I imagine the cost will be the same as the VP-90 P-3. $45.00 per copy and $6.00 shipping/handling.

4. For those of you that can do a lot of Space A traveling, there is a computer website that has a lot of great information. It is put out by the Air Mobility Command out of Scott AFB, St.Louis. Their address is: http://www.scott.af.mil/hqamc/pa. 5. I flew over Glenview this past month going into O'Hare. Things are changing. The runways are being plowed up. The South end of the field is finished. The pile of rubble is ending up on the ramp outside of Hanger 106.

6. I got the following information from CO Marty Black about the command history. Here are some important dates.

  • 1970 Commissioned with 12 SP-2H Aircraft
  • 1974 Transitioned to the P-3A
  • 1976 Moved into Hanger 106
  • 1981 Received the P-3B's
  • 1983 Transitioned started to the P-3B "Mods"
  • 1994 Decommissioned the Squadron

    7. There is a picnic planned for Sat August 29th at the Marina at Great Lakes, IL. Steve Reeve is making arrangements for that function. If you are interested in attending. Contact Steve at Email address: IMCPENGUIN@aol.com . His mailing address is: 4 So.Archer Ave, Mundelein, IL . Phone no is (847)-949-6597.

    Again we would like to hear from you on whether you would be coming to the reunion. It should be a fun time at the home of Naval Aviation. We need to coordinate with the caterers on this reunion, so we need to know how many people are coming. Right now I have about 30 members and some wives who have told me that they will be attending.

    If you haven't already contacted me yet let me know if you are coming, and how many will be attending. My address is: 1496 Auburn Court, Eagan, Minnesota 55122-1858. My email address is: oriondriver1975@yahoo.com.

    Also contact Ron Hilson if you are planning on going on the bus.

    As I have mentioned in the past, if you have contact with any other VP-90 Lions, please let them know that the VP-90 Veterans Association is alive and well. Send me there email address and mailing address or give them my address then we can add them to the growing list of former LIONS.

    I will send out one more newsletter around the first of the year with some final information before the reunion.

    Take care.

    John Larson
    1496 Auburn Court
    Eagan, MN 55122-1858

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