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Contributed by LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com

"Reunion Update"
April 1, 1998

Hello again from YN Larson. I wanted to give an update on the reunion. Also to send out information on how to order a VP-90 print. GOTO: VP 90 Print.

First the reunion, we have decided on the 3rd weekend of March 1999, March 19th and 20th. I was able to visit the museum twice this winter to check on the facilities and to see what our options are. I received a few inputs from members on what we should do. I consulted with Bob Korman, Ron Leis, Ron Hilson and Paul Watts. This is the plan for the weekend. On Fri. night March 19th, we thought we should have an informal meeting at the World Famous Trader John's Bar in downtown Pensacola. Show time is 1900. Then on Sat, March 20th, we will plan a day at Nas Pensacola. The museum opens at 0900. There is a lot to see. Later that evening will be the dinner. Our options are a semi formal sit down dinner in the Blue Angel Atrium, under the 4 A-4 Blue Angels. The cost is $630.00 not including food or beverages. The other option would be to have a dinner or Hors D' oeuvres in the Cubi Pt Café. It would cost $305.00 without food or bev. There will be a 20% service charge on the food and beverages. The sit down dinners or buffets have an average cost of about $12.00 per person. So if we have 50 people show up, then we would have a cost per person in the Blue Angel Atrium of approximately $30.00 per person. If we had a buffet in the Cubi Café, it would cost about $23.00 per person. These are ruff figures to give you an idea of the costs. The dress attire for the B. A. Atrium would be jacket and tie and no children

Sometime during the day Sat, we will have to have an all hands meeting to prepare for the next reunion. It will be the 30th anniversary reunion since the beginning of VP-90, in the year 2000. We would also like to hold an auction, like we did at the last reunion. If anyone has anything that you would like to donate to the auction, please bring it along. We would like to raise money for the cost of preparing these reunions.

Then on Sun, we could gather at the Officers Club for a Sunday brunch.. Also there is a golf course right on base, if anyone wants to get a round in during the weekend.

For those who haven't been to the museum yet, there are many different periods of Naval Aviation history to see. There is the token P-3B sitting outside in the back. It is done up in VP-69 markings. They have an IMAX theater. We might be able to get a group price for the picture. The Cubi Café has a collection of squadron plaques from the original Cubi Pt Officers Club. Along with the original Cubi O Club "Bar". There is a tour of the flight line that leaves from the Museum. If you are planning on spending time in the area there is the Battleship Alabama Park near Mobile, AL. Then to the East is Eglin AFB. There is an armament and aircraft museum there too.

While I was at the Naval Museum, I checked on the status of one of our deceased member's memorial. If you are interested in setting up a memorial through the museum, contact Tracy Crona. Her number is: (850)-453-2389, fax is: (850)-457-3032.

Ron Leis is back from his worldly travels. He will tell the secrets of traveling space A out of Grand Forks, ND. He will also tell us about billeting on the islands of Hawaii and Guam. He said that the Barbers squadrons will move in June 1999 and operations will cease in Dec 1999. But the beach cottages will stay open!!! Again lodging for the reunion can either be at the Navy lodge across the street, Space A on base, or at NAS Whiting Field about 40 minutes away. Then that leaves the hotels in the area. More info on a list of hotels in the next letter.

On the bus situation, We can get a 47 passenger bus with 2 drivers for $6000.00. If we get 40 people then it would be about $150.00 per person. It would leave Minneapolis, then stop in Milwaukee and Chicago. It would leave Minneapolis on Wed. Then arrive in Pensacola Fri morning. It would leave Sun afternoon and get back to Minneapolis sometime on Tues. The bus would be used during the weekend. We need a commitment from people who would use this bus. Ron Hilson will arrange for the bus. He has also been checking on airfares to Pensacola. Right now from Minneapolis it would be $99.00 to Pensacola. He has seen fares from $99- $169.00 this winter. We would like to get some kind of commitment on this reunion, if you are coming. Again I have heard from a few people on what their preference is on what type of meal they would like. We need a ruff idea on how many meals we need. I would like to hear more comments. Also if you plan on using the bus.

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