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Contributed by LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com

"VP-90 Newsletter"
December 2002

Greetings Everyone,

It is time for another newsletter. I hope you had a good Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.

We have been added to the Naval Air Museum's National Flight Log. If you have access to a computer you can check us out at: http://www.naval-air.org. Go to the National Flight Log section, then select Squadrons. We are at the bottom. Here is a list of the members who contributed $10.00 to get on the list. It cost us $600.00 to be listed. If you would like to added, please send the money to me at the address at the bottom. I will send in your info to the museum. Please list the rank/rate and name that you would like to use.

CDR/AXC Paul G. Alberts
AOC Mike Allen
Captain Bill Anderson
AMEC James (Ed) Arnold
AWC Robert C. Arndt
AMCS (AW/SW) Henry E. Artime
AD1 Thomas A. Barr
AO1 Gary R. Bear
Master Chief Denny Behr
AE2 Dan D. “Saint” Bernardy
Captain George Marty Black
ABC James Bradley
Chief Skinny Brown
AT1 Al Bryant
CWO-4 Carl Buckert
AW1 (TAR) Bob Childers
AW2 Michael F. Cieslik
LCDR Kevin Clancy
AO1 R.O. Clarke
CDR Edward (Ed) J. Cleary
ATCS (AW) Roseann Thibault Cook
ADCS Bernie Cottone
AO1 Russ Dempsey
LCDR Steven F. Diehl
ADCS Bob Dillon
AWCM Jack Doherty
AMSC Greg Douce
AW1 (TAR) D.R. Dyer
AMSC J “Jaycee” Edfors
Captain Dennis Faulds
AFCM Ramon S. Firnstahl
CDR Patrick M. Graber
Captain Bill Grace
AOC Don Grobl
AMCS Joe Gross
Captain Tom Hamilton
ADJ2 Donald W. Hastings, Sr.
AMHC Mel Henschel
CDR Ron Hilson
CDR Richard C. Hoskins, Jr.
AT2 James A. Humbeutel
CDR Barry E. Humphrey
AW1 “Young David” Johnson
ISCS John D. Joseph
LT. (LDO) David “Zing Zing” Kausak (former AE-1)
CWO-4/ADCS Guenter Kleinmaier
D2 Dean Knox
ABHCS Eugene "Geno" Koelker
Captain Craig Kopstain
AWCS Bob Korman
CDR William C. Korthals
ATC Marty "Pockets" Kotecki
AD1 Richard D. Kreider
AE1 Neil Krumenauer
AOCM Robert C. Ladousier
Captain Jerry Lambden
ATC Norman A. Larsen
LCDR John F. Larson
AMSC Steven L. Latterner
Captain Andy Lawrence
AT1 Gary H. Lawrence
AOCM Gerald E. Lawrence
Chief Ron Leis
CDR Vince Malinowski
CDR Paul Martin
LCDR Mike McCarten
Captain William S. McConnell
AECS (AW) W.T. (Butch) Michaelson
AMS1 Gilbert R. Michelotti
LCDR Thomas R. Miller
AFCM Donald Mitchell
AMEC Kevin Moeller
AW1 Bill Molck
AD1 Albin M. Moore
ATC David “Muscle Head” Moyers
AK1 Michael K. Mullins
AWC (EWO) J.R. Nerat
AO2 Michael F. Nolan
AVCM Ken Nyland
LCDR Jim Ogren
ADCS Bill Oppegard
ATCS John M. O'Meara
PR1 (AW) Michael W. Pabich
LCDR (SC) Carolyn Pasternak
AMCS Mike Pasternak
CDR Pete Perez Jr.
AW1 Gary S. Pope
AT2 Lawrence (Larry) E. Pyrz
CDR William D. Reline
AOC Scott Richter
CDR Donald Riebe
AO1 (AW) Bruce Rubenstein
LCDR Gerald Ryglowski
LCDR Dick Savage
Captain John W. Sears
Captain Dick Slovacek
AWC Mike Smith
CDR Steve Solkshinitz
CDR Fred Stabb
LCDR Gene “Sully” Sullivan
AT2 Rocky Thacker
ATCS Herb M. Thomas
Senior Chief James "Red" Thompson
AT1 Raymond F. Voigt
AMS1 Daniel N. Westmoreland
AD1 Francis R. Whorrall
AMSC Gerald “Woody” W. Woodhead

“Taps for our fallen Patrol Squadron Ninety Shipmates”

AD1 Norman Duke
AK1 John Edgar
ADC Al Funari
Captain Rich Gallagher
AO1 Skip Hanson
Captain Joe Harris
ATCS Ken Hobin
AO1 Gary Hume
LCDR James Jones
AD2 Warren Mundt
LCDR Dennis Parks
AO1 Leroy Pawlowski
Lt. Peterson
ADCS Robert (Bob) Reed
AFCM Jim Rohlfing
AMH3 Robert Shegog
ADC Pat Stubbs
AK1 Bobby Taylor
AMS1 Tim Tompkins
AMS1 Charles Wallburg
Captain Eric Wylie

Butch Michaelson is in charge of the VP-90 t-shirts.

He is putting in an order for these t-shirts. They are black and have 5 squadron patches on the back with a P-3 on the front. It has Memphis 2002 under the P-3. They are pretty neat looking. He is also going to do an order for the same t-shirts but without the Memphis 2002 on it. He needs a minimum of 12 Memphis Reunion t-shirts to send in another order. He needs 24 orders for the non-Reunions t-shirts. Anyone interested in purchasing a Memphis 2002/non-Reunion t-shirt, please send your name, address, size and money ($19.00 for S-M-L-XL or $21.00 for XXL-XXXL; (this includes postage) to:

Butch Michaelson, 3739 N. Odell Ave, Chicago, IL 60634-3404.

If he doesn't get enough orders he will send your money back. (He only needs 2 more of the Memphis and 12 of the non-Reunions t-shirts to send in the order). He would like to send in the order by the end of Jan.

I heard from the artist, Don Feight who did the Sorry Charlie print. He offered to sell the original painting to us. So we decided to buy it. It will cost us $530.00; he usually sells his originals for $3000.00. We have already raised the money. So we got a good deal. We will be acquiring it next month. We have a print at the Museum in Pensacola now. As a mater of fact I was there last month to pick up our print and have it framed. It had been sitting in a drawer for the past 4 years. That way we have a better chance to have it displayed someday, no guarantees though. So the next question is where to hang this painting, so people can see it. We are trying to get it hung at the former Hangar One at NAS Glenview, Illinois. It is being transformed into a mall and they might want Navy memorabilia there, so that is what we are trying to do with it. We are in the early stage of this. We do know that we want to get the original and figure out where to hang it later.

I get the Glenview Hangar One Foundations newsletter, most of you probably don't. I wanted to pass on some info that was in the last newsletter. GHOF (Glenview Hangar One Foundation) has been in existence for 7 years. Their objective was to preserve the hanger and turn it into a museum and a Challenger Learning Center. Well the attempts to save the hanger have failed. The center section with the tower and both ends are the only sections left. It has been gutted. So GHOF mission statement had to change. Their effort is now to commemorate the historical contributions of the men and women who served at NAS Glenview, Illinois.

So with their efforts and the developers, there is a plan for a Memorial Park at the entrance to the tower area. The area will be approx 2000 sq ft and will contain a fountain and landscaping with benches and walkways in the form of a triangle. There will be 3 flagpoles with Navy signal flags flying from masts similar to those of a ship at sea. There will be a concave wall similar to that of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, upon which will be displayed insignias of the squadrons and units formerly stationed at Naval Air Station Glenview. The name of the park will be Hanger One Memorial Park: A Monument to Freedom.

The ground will be paved with 6x6 inch bricks; individuals who were stationed at NAS Glenview, Illinois and wish to have their name listed may purchase these bricks, rank and date of service at the Glenview inscribed on a brick. The charge will be $100.00 for the brick to be placed in the Memorial park in perpetuity.

Three status- a pilot, a crewman and mechanic- wearing uniforms of the WW II era, will be the focal point of the area. In addition, a tail hook from a carrier aircraft will be on display to help acquaint visitors with operations aboard the training carriers Wolverine and Sable based on Lake Michigan 1943-1945.

As they say in the newsletter DO NOT send in any money at this time, since this is all in the development stage. When I get the info on sending in money I will put out that info later.

We have gotten a commitment from the Glenview Area Historical Society to have our Sorry Charlie painting hung in their building in Glenview. We will attempt to have it hung later on in the Mall at Glenview Hangar One Foundation. We have also heard from the GHOF that VP-90 will be one of the squadrons on display at the wall.

Also 2003 will probably be the last year for the Glenview Survivors Dinner. It will be the 40th. Reunion of NAS Survivors. Friday May 16,2003 @ 5:00PM. Mr.Peter's Banquets, 1273 N.Rand Rd. Arlington Hts, IL. Reservations:--$18.00. Send to: Bob Van Pelt, 6317 N. Hiawatha, Chicago, IL. 60646-4219

A reminder that the next Reunion will be in the spring of 2004 at New Orleans. More info will follow later on when the details are worked out.

Take care,

John Larson oriondriver1975@yahoo.com
1496 Auburn Court
Eagan, MN 55122

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