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"VP-90 Newsletter"
April 2003

Hello Everyone,

The NAS Glenview survivors dinner is next month, if you want to attend, here is the info for it. It might be the last one.

It will be the 40th. Reunion of NAS Survivors. Friday May 16,2003 @ 5:00PM. Mr.Peter's Banquets, 1273 N.Rand Rd. Arlington Hts, IL. Reservations:--$18.00. Send to: Bob Van Pelt, 6317 N. Hiawatha, Chicago, IL. 60646-4219

I wanted to update some info on the Glenview Survivors Dinner. I talked to Ron Leis today. I wanted to confer with him before I mentioned it in my last message. We are going to donate the original painting of "Sorry Charlie" to the Glenview Historical Society at the dinner next month. So we are hoping we get a big turnout from the squadron at the dinner.

Hopefully when Hanger One is finished we will be able to move the painting to the mall when it is finished. Ron also talked to the Hanger One president when he was in Glenview. The hanger should be finished this fall. It will have the entrance with the tower on top and that is about all that will be left of the original building. It will be called "Tower Crossing" The city of Glenview has bought 3 bronze monuments, one is a mechanic, another is a launch officer and the third is a pilot with an enlisted crewmember. The statues will be in front of the middle of the hanger.

For those who went to Admiral Sam Kupresin's retirement party at the Subic Bay Bar, I have bad news. The whole building burned down last month. It was lucky we were able to have that memorable party before it went up in flames. Ron talked to Chief Joe, he is trying to find another place to have his bar. It was a pretty close facsimile of an Olongapo bar.

Here is the initial information for the upcoming reunion in New Orleans in 2004.

Once I get the schedule for the whole weekend I will let you know. Also will be included lodging information.

We have Capt Kevin McCarthy(VP-90 Shipmate), NAS JRB XO helping out with the planning.

The Dates are March 12-14, 2004. They have some lodging information, but I won't put that out until the list is finalized. There will be a reunion committee meeting in May, so hopefully we will have firm plans and times for you after that meeting.

Here is a tenative schedule, I got from Stan.

Some of the things we are looking at for Saturday day events are:

  • "D" Day museum tour (Pacific Theater section is now open)
  • Swamp Tour
  • VP-94 / VFA-204 Simulator / VR-54 (AFCM Jim Rohlfing Hanger) Tours
  • Golf
  • Casino

    The following is what has been confirmed to date:
  • Date of event, March 12-14, 2004
  • Reserved Magnolia Terrace (formerly the "O" Club) for Friday & Saturday night
  • Color Guard for Saturday night dinner
  • Caterer (formerly chef to ADM Borda)
  • Guest Speaker

    The following link will let you check out what is happening in New Orleans: http://www.neworleans.com/ "Laissez les bon temps rouler!" -- Say what?

    The phrase is a Cajun expression meaning "Let the good times roll!" It accurately conveys the "joie de vivre" ("joy of living") attitude in New Orleans and throughout southern Louisiana. The saying is sometimes morphed, such as in R&B musician Clarence Garlow's "Bon Ton Roula" or in the Magazine Street bar referred to as the "Bon Ton". The expression now appears on T-shirts, bumper stickers, and shot glasses. No one says it, but it still captures the local spirit.

    Looking forward to a GREAT time!

    AOCM Stan Chambers

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