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COATES, Richard (Dick) Retired rcoates654@yahoo.com "...I started my NAVY journey 9/55 with 3 yrs at GMAU-0411, Oceana (GF3); 12/58 GM div. USS Intrepid (GF2/AT2); 8/60 Kitty Hawk CVA-63 pre-com; 2/62; AT(B), (AT1); 12/62 VA-127 NAS Lemoore, California; My life changed 1/66 when I got orders to VP-17 via VP-31 at NORIS. I was destined to have the time of my life in the VP Navy. My wife was worried that I could get hurt flying in "one of those things!" I said "flying in a P2V is safer than walking the store." The next day there was a picture of a sinking VP-31 P2V on the front page of the local rag. They had cross feed problems, and the fans quit turnin'. They set her down alongside a Coast Guard cutter loaded with PSA stewardeses on a survival training cruise! (I don't think they even got wet.) After the RAG, I was assigned to VP-17 crew 12 with a great bunch of guys. PPC Charlie Cook, P2P Lee Houston, NAV Rick Tolly, TACCO is fuzzy, he was LT. ex QM, PC Snick Gramms ADJ1 (NY good guy), JULIE AT3 Rothlesburger, JEZ-(brain lapse.. I saw him in 79 at NORIS CPO club (he was a AWCS), AO1 Jim Young, and last, but not least AE2 Robert J. Prestovic our token electrician and fantastic scrounger. (He "borrowed" a trailing wire weight from the Coastes at NS Sangley Point, Philippines! I needed a spare, but I made him take it back anyway.) (Ski is USCG ret now.) We had a good deployment to TSN Saigon, but when the skipper said we were going home and returning asap (6 Mo) I was struck with this gawd awfull dumb-ass attack and said, "I not goin', my enlistment is up in 6 mo." JUNE 1967 I transferred to reserve VP-891 at NAS Sand Point, WA. Which became VP-69. Flew with a bunch of good guys there for 3 years, but I missed the REAL NAVY! July 70 transferred to VP-6 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I flew for a while, but not assigned to a crew. If I remember right they had more than enough flyers, and short on folks to keep em flyin' so I spent most of my 3 years there in WC210 with AXC Domier, AT2 O.T. Frampton III, AT2 Moore (UH student), AT3 Don Inaura, (now AVCM ret, a good friend and neighbor), many IFT and RDO crews, too many more, I don't remember. I left VP-6 July 73 for NATTC NAS Memphis, Tennessee and AVC7 school. Three years of Instructor duty at AVC7. Then on to - VF-1 (The NAVY should never send VP sailors to fix F14's) Finished my BS Ed in San Diego. I put on the Hat in 77 and retired 12/79. The Navy had exacted their revenge for breaking the faith in 1967. Any one out there that wants to tell sea stories, send me an e-mail or stop by I'm your friendly travel agent at NAS Miramar. I would really like to hear a better one than I can tell..." [E-Mail Updated 04JUL2001 | 01JUN2001]

COPLIN, Robert G. Coplin@Direcpc.com "...I was an AE3 in VP-891 (Sand Point, Seattle) from 1963 to 1966. I joined VP-891 from a VS squadron (VS-892) in July of '63. I was also part of Cmdr Bob Milholland's crew for a time. I got in to computers in 1968 and have missed the flying and great experiences with the crew members. You never know what great company you with until their gone..." [02APR2000]

GUDMESTAD, Bob bobg@pioneernet.net "...I joined the Reserves in NAS Seattle, Washington in 1963 and was assigned to VP-891. After a tour in reg NAV, I was back in VP-891. In 1970 as a TAR I was again in VP as we moved to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Retired 8/4/89 AVCM(AW) as VP-69 CMC. Glad to see familiar names here, expect to see more..." [16APR98]

HANSEN, Doug dough116@juno.com "...I was a radar operator in that squadron that operated out of NAS Sand Point in Seattle, WA. I was in the squadron from 1954 to 1960. In 1954 we had P4Y-2s and later transitioned to P-2V-5Fs about in 1958..." [E-Mail Updated 12NOV2000 | 12JAN98]

HISE, ATR2 Harry hrhise@q.com "...I served with VP-891 (1954- 1964) at NAS Sand Point, Seattle, Washington. I had many great flights with great crewmen and officers and flying with LCDR Doyle was a treat. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [21JAN2016]

IRWIN, Blair G. bgirwin@sbcglobal.net "...I joined the Navy at NAS Dallas, Texas and was assigned to a NARMU Unit, and shortly after boot, returned to my home in Fort Worth to pack up and move to Kansas City, where I drilled at NAS Olathe, Kansas. While at NAS Olathe, Kansas, I was talked into flying, and loved it from the start, and felt right at home in the P2V and was assigned to VP-891, and later VP-883. After a year or so there, I moved to Chicago and drilled at NAS Glenview, Illinois where I was part of the first overseas deployment of a reserve unit to Europe in 1968 with VP- (VP-723). I also participated in a SUBEX (TRANSITEX) with VP-723 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida April 6-7 1968, leaving Chicago on April 4th 1964, flying over what looked like the whole of Chicago burning below me a result of the riots after Martin Luther King’s shooting. After several years I moved to Los Angles, and drilled at NAS Los NAS Los Alamitos, California. Leaving the Navy when NAS Los Alamitos, California was decommissioned in 1970...." [14MAY2012]

JOLLIE, CWO4 Robert O. Retired Bobjollie@aol.com "...I started my career in Patrol Squadrons at NAS Seattle, Washington. I was originally in VP-891 and I was a plank holder in VP-69. I would love to hear from people that were part of that experience from 1960 to 1980. We had a great time!..." [30JUN99]

KLINE, AOM William "Bill" Retired bkline@w-link.net "...I served with VP-62 (1946-1947) at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington with a deployment to NAS Adak, Alaska. I flew as a crewmember aboard the flying the PBY6A with LT Haas (Pilot), LT ???? (Co-Pilot), LT(jg) Norris (Navigator), PO3 C. J. McCarthy (Radioman), Frank Jensen (Radioman), Ernie Cronfelt (sp)(Mechanic), Kormandy (sp)(Mechanic) and Plane Captain Neidiemeyer(sp). C. J. McCarthy was a third class, ran across him in 1961 while in "AO" B school in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. He was a LCDR in A3s. One more thing for Bob Jollie of VP-891 I remember you, I was the active duty AO assigned to that squadron...I was an AOM. Retired off the USS Hancock CVA 19 Feb. 1970...July 43 through July 47 Farrgut, Idaho - AOM 'A' school, NAS Alameda, California, Los Negros' Admiralty Islands (Manus) AROU #1, AROU #4 Guam, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, FAW-4, VPB-62, (PBY) NAS Adak, Alaska USNR-Inactive July 47 through Oct 50, Oct 50 through Feb 52 CVE114 USS Rendova (Korea), Feb 52 through Oct 53 USNR Inactive Oct 53 through Sept 68, NAS Seattle, Washington, NAS Oakland, California. NATTC NAS Jacksonville, Florida (AO 'B' School), NAS Alameda, California. Oct 68 through March 70 USS Hancock CVA 19. Two WestPac tours, Viet Nam. On returning to the states after WWII, I was assigned to FAW-4, then to VP-62. Spent a tour at NAS Adak, Alaska with a great crew flying in BuNo 46655 PBY6A..." [BIO Updated 08OCT2010 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 10SEP2001 | 05JUL99]

KRANJCVICH, Thomas J. tk4thfidler@earthlink.net "...I would like to hear from anyone serving with VP-891 and VP-893 between March 1960 and June 1964. I was attached to both these squadrons VP-893 from April 1960 to April of 1961; VP-891 from June 1963 to June 1964..." [E-Mail Updated 19APR2001 | 05AUG2000]

MUENCH, Bill muenchw001@hawaii.rr.com "...I was an AX1 in VP-891 (Sand Point, Seattle) from 1960 to 1968. I was with the first class of ready reservists thru the 6month/8year program and training at Memphis. I was the ASW tech in skipper Cmdr Bob Milholland's bird, 7T-201. Co-pilot was Wayne Cottingham..." [22JAN99]

POLOS, AT2 John johnapolos@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-891 (01/1961-10/1966). CDR Milholland was a great CO and Muench was great leading PO. I was a Civil/Electrical Engineer with US Geological Survey and BPA. I had passed most of my qualifications for direct commission(College degree in Engineering) but got transferred by USGS to Santa Rosa, CA. New squadron at NAS Alameda, California lost my records and I met my future wife Marla. Got out of reserves there. Ended up in Battle Ground, WA. I visit Santa Rosa and Kauai, HI often..." [19FEB2012]

SHADOFF, AW1 Jim jshadoffsr@home.com "...I joined VP-891 at NAS Seattle, Washington in Sep 1962. Flew missions to NAS Adak, Alaska and NAS Kodiak, Alaska and to NS Rota, Spain as RADAR/JULIE, MAD, and ECM operator. In 1970 we moved to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington as VP-69 and have many warm memories about the time flying out of AULT FIELD. In 1973 joined the USAFR to fly in the C-141A/B and I am retiring this year with 38 Yrs..." [30APR2001]

THORNTON, ADR1 Jerry B. Sr. jerrythornton125@yahoo.com "...I served with VF-894 (09/1952) and VP-891 (03/1956-08/1968) at NAS Seattle, Washington flying aboard the P2 (PPC LCDR Doug DOYLE). Would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [BIO Updated 21JUL2015 | 02OCT2013]

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