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WESSLER, Steve steve@swessler.com "...I served with VP-831 (10/1962-1969). Flew with same crew for many years. Our skipper was Dale E. Davis who was know as "Dog Easy". We flew the the Cuban Missle Blockade which were exciting days. Still licensed and flying after all these years..." [27SEP2012]

WESTBURGH, AEAN Leroy roywest@ptd.net "...I served with VP-831 (1952-1954) at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York. Our Plane Captain was PO1 Baronofski (PA), CPO "Pappy" Senger (Breezy Point Rockaway), AEC Alfons Jarvis (AMD Chief), LCDR Soyster (CO AMD), CAPTAIN William Scott Custer (CO NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York), AE T. V. HIGGINS, AE1 STEVE RAINER, AE1 S. J. CLARK, AE1 LANGE, AE2 SKELLY, AE2 BURKE, AE2 SPECHT and PO2 Louis FERNANDEZ..." [24DEC2014]

WIDMER, Joseph E. JWidmer1@earthlink.net "...My squadron was deactivated in 1946, designated VPML-63 and soon after re-designated VP-831 continuing as an active reserve squadron at NAS New York, New York ( NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York). We continued to fly Training, Gunnery and off- shore patrols with our 9 PBY's; a mix of PBY5a's and PBY6a's until about 1949 when they were gradually replaced with PB4Y-2's (Privateer's). I am in my 70's now but have had a lifelong love of aviation, and have kept it alive by building and flying radio controlled scale models. I heard of a group located at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York who are restoring a PBY. Does anyone know if this is true?..." [17FEB2000]

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