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Circa 1969

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: Naval Aviation October 1969 "...Atlantic - Page 34Jax Reservists Assisted Apollo 11 - Naval Aviation News - October 1969..." WebSite: http://www.history.navy.mil/nan/backissues/1960s/1969/oct69.pdf [17SEP2004]

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Circa Unknown
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HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...Designated: VP-742 Nickname: None Listed Redesignation: 01JUL68 Later Designation: VP-7F-2 Approved: 27 March 1959 Discontinued: None Listed Listed Reason: None Listed Photo No: 142 Significance: None Listed Colors: Background - light blue; Submarine - black; Neptune and world - white with black details; Border and lettering - black; Scroll - white. Record Location: Wash. Record Center Job No: 72-A-101 File: VP-742 Box: 2 of 5..." Contributed by Mick Nussbaum (Insignia Historian) T45_nditech@yahoo.com

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