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Memorial Picture "...CLIFTON, CDR Charles...My Dad, CDR Charles Clifton (USNR), passed away July 2000 in Murphys, California...Gary Clifton clifton@gbis.com..." [25JAN2003]

CLIFTON, CDR Charles Retired (Deceased) c/o his son Gary Clifton clifton@gbis.com "...My father was a pilot with VP-118 in 1945. My father flew P2V's as a reservist off the west coast until retirement in about 1975...Dad also served with VP-777...CDR (USNR) Clifton passed away July 2000 in Murphys, California..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 25JAN2003 | Updated 26MAR98]

FLYNN, Chief Dennis Retired Shipmate Pix dpflynn41@gmail.com "...I served aboard the USS Hancock (CVA-19) and VP-777 at NAS Alameda, California (01/1963-03/1963). I am trying to find out if there is any information on the VP-777 squadron patch..." [PIX Added 22NOV2014 | 04MAR2014]

McCAULEY, Woody woodym@earthlink.net "...When I was in the USNR, VP-777 was based at NAS Los Alamitos, California. I flew the Jezabel seat from 1962-1967. Found a great book 2 years ago at the Wright-Patterson Air Museum in Dayton exclusively on the P2V's..." [15APR99]

PARKS, Thomas W. tomparks200@earthlink.net "...I was a FPC on SP2E and SP2H aircraft in VP-777 at NAS Los Alamitos, California from 1962 until 1969 when it became VP-65L-1. I crossed over to the Air Force and became a flight engineer on C-124 and C-141-A's until I retired as SMSGT. My rate in USNR was AOC. I would like to hear from anyone from that time period..." [E-Mail Updated 16JAN2003 | 08MAR2000]

UPDEGRAFF, Harlan sonnyd87@gmail.com "...I served with VP-777 (Naval Reserve) at NAS Los Alamitos, California and served Active Duty aboard the USS Coral Sea (09/1965-07/1967) as a AMS Structural Mechanic..." [02JUN2002]

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