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MAASS, Richard c/o his son Douglas Maass maass@aol.com "...His name is Richard Maass (please note spelling--MAASS). He served as an ARM 1/C in VPB-63 from 1942 to 1945, based first in Jacksonville, Charlotte and Key West. From 1/44 to 7/45 he was in the Utility Squadron out of Port Lyautey, Morocco and participated in the invasion of southern France, between St. Maxime and St. Raphael, attached to the Free French Naval Air Group (he spoke French). Dad is quite ill and might like to hear from any shipmates or crew. I can forward any messages to him. Many thanks...I'm sorry to report that my father, Richard Maass passed away Sept. 10, 1998...My late father, Richard Maass, flew in PBY5-As in VP-76 from 1942 to 1946 as an Aviation Radioman First Class. He was stationed in NAS Jacksonville, Florida and NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco and served with the Free French forces in the invasion of southern France. I'd love to hear from anyone who flew with him during that period. I have his Aviator's Flight Log Book in which he recorded 685.9 hours of flight time and the names of his pilots. One of his passengers was Secretary of the Navy Forrestal..." [BIO Updated 28AUG2000 | BIO Updated 15JUL98 | 05DEC98]

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