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UPDATE "...Because of AT&T's sell-off, our e-mail address will be changing. Could you insert this notice: Patrol Squadron 16/741 Association's e-mail address will be changing soon. The NEW one will be: amafrog@attbi.com so if you cannot reach us at the old one, please try the new one...Larry amafrog@att.net amafrog@attbi.com..." [12FEB2002]

May 3-4, 2002

Spindrifter Motel (formerly Best Western)

300 Park Ave. Orange Park, FL (on U. S. 17 at I-295).
Phone:   1-800-533-1211 or (904) 264-1211
You call the motel directly for room reservations, and be sure to tell them that you are attending the VP16/741 Reunion.


Single - $60.00; Double - $65.00. To guaranatee this rate, make sure that you call the motel by April 22



FRIDAY, 3 MAY 2002

1300-1600 Registration
1800-2100 A Gathering of Gators and Eagles. Beer wine and soft drinks before, during and after sea stories.
1900 Hor d'oeuvres served.
2100 Adjourn to lounge for more sea stories.


0900 Board Navy bus for NAS Jacksonville, Florida to tour VP-16. Squadron area (casual attire).
1130 Brunch at NAS Chow Hall (across the street from the VP-16 hangar) included in reunion fee.
1230 Board bus for motel. Free time until dinner.
1800 Cocktail time (cash bar). Gents: coats and ties; Ladies: cocktail attire.
1900 Dinner (New York strip) served.
2000 Talks by guests and other speakers. Door prize drawings.
2100 More cocktails and sea stories.
2300 Adjourn


$45.00 per person. (Does not include cost of room.)


VP-16 / VP-741 Reunion
Mail check to: John C. Dungan
6505 Simca Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32277
Phone: (904) 744-2648
Email: johndungan3@aol.com


We don't know that you are attending until we receive your check. PLEASE mail your check by April 20th.


ReunionsREUNIONs: "...Patrol Squadron 16/741 Association Announces: The "Big Bash of Oh-Two" This is the first of TWO notices, for those of you that make plans on a yearly basis, concerning the next reunion. We are setting it for the FIRST WEEKEND IN MAY OF 2002, in Jacksonville, Florida. Sometime in November you will receive the SECOND notice about the reunion. It will have the details. At that time you will be asked to make your reservations and get your checks to us. Because of the GREAT TURNOUT at the last reunion, we URGE YOU TO BE PROMPT in making your reservations. If you have any comments or questions: Patrol Squadron 16/741 Association...3120 Purdom Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32223-7220. Ph: 904-262-3764 e-mail: ...Larry amafrog@att.net amafrog@attbi.com [21APR2001]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP-741/VP-16 Grand Reunion(GR2K) to be held May 19 through 21, 2000. SEE Reunion Flyer Information Page for further details or contact Larry amafrog@att.net amafrog@attbi.com..." [08FEB2000]

UPDATE "...I would like to add a VP-741/VP-16 Reunion notice to your site. This Reunion to be held at Orange Park, Fl on May 14, 15, & 16 at the Best Westen Motel. Contact John C Duncan, 6505 Simca Drive, Jacksonville Fl, 32277, Phone 904-744-2648 for information..." Contributed by Paul White Pwhite9755@aol.com [18FEB99]

UPDATE "...Recently had VP-741/VP-16 Reunion, May 14-16, '99...planning another for '00 or '01...looking for all Shipmates from late 1940's to late 1960's. Please contact me, am ex-AO and flight crew member...see you on the 'net, or write me: Larry amafrog@att.net USN Ret. 9905 St. Augustine Road, Jax, FL 32257, phone 904-262-3764...thanks...Larry amafrog@att.net amafrog@attbi.com..." [17MAY99]

UPDATE "...Our mailing/e-mail lists have gone out and we are looking for about a 200+ person response. Although the actual dates have not been set, we are shooting for the 2nd half of May 2000..." Contributed by Larry amafrog@att.net amafrog@attbi.com [13AUG99]

UPDATE "...VP-741/VP-16 Reunion Application Form..." [15NOV99]

UPDATE "...The cutoff date for Grand Reunion 2000 (VP-741/VP-16) has been set for April 24. If you're attending, PLEASE be sure that your check gets to us, and your motel reservations have been made, by that date. Thanks, and SEE YOU AT THE REUNION..." Contributed by Larry amafrog@att.net amafrog@attbi.com [E-Mail Updated 25APR2000 | 02APR2000]

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