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WRIGHT, CAPTAIN H. Charles Retired hcw@cfw.com "...I served with VS-22 when it had TBM-3S and 3W Avengers, and also after the AF Guardian was incorporated. The squadron had "SL" tail markings. We flew from the USS Mindoro, USS Palau, USS Siboney, USS Kula Gulf-----also from NAS Norfolk, Virginia and Oceana. We operated in the Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea and Caribbean Sea. I was an enlisted aircrewman, qualified in both the hunter and the killer aircraft. I was later commissioned, and served in VP-674 (NAS Atlanta, Georgia) and VP-7F-2 (NAS Jacksonville, Florida) with P2V Neptunes. I also was assigned to AIMD and NARF duty. Subsequently, I was assigned to NAVAIRSYSCOM at Crystal City near Washington, D.C. for a long period..." [08MAY2004]

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