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COOLEY, Donnie Ray donnienjanice@charter.net "...I served on active duty for training with VP-673 NAS Atlanta, Georgia for two weeks (September 1962). I am looking for any Shipmates that might have some pictures from our training (NAS Los Alamitos, California). We lost one P2V Neptune with nine great airman aboard. I would like to have a picture of this airplane if possible..." [E-Mail Updated 25JUL2005 | 06APR2004]

PETERSON, MAJOR (AX3) George L. Retired skyhwk04@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-672 (01/1964-02/1966) at NAS Atlanta, Georgia and HS-9 (1966) at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island. I left the Navy and later retired as a Major, USMC..." [07JUN2014]

SCROGGS, John T. jjscroggs@att.net "...As an Electronics instructor at FAIRBETUPAC (FAETUPAC) NAS North Island, San Diego, California during the early 50's. I was also an ASW instuctor and trained many crews for duty in Korea. I was discharged in December 1953. I joined the weekend warriors out of NAS Atlanta, Georgia and ended up in VP-673. In September 1963 VP-673's 2 week cruise was at NAS Alameda, California. I was in management training with AT&T and couldn't make the cruise. I was lucky! As my crewmates took off late one night, the starboard jet pod on the P2V exploded and severed the fuel line to the starboard engine. The whole starboard side of the aircraft was engulfed in flame. The command pilot Lt. Art Knighten had two choices, turn away from the burning engine, normal procedure, and crash land in a housing developement, or, turn into the burning engine and try to crash land in space near the oil fields. Making a hard choice, Art tried to prevent killing many people in the housing developement and attempted to set the mortally wounded P2V down into space around the oil field. He didn't make it. The starboard wing blew away just before he touched down and the aircraft went in on the starboard side. Everyone one board perished. The only creman recognizable was my replacement. Does anyone have any information on VP-673? I have photos of crews. Would to hear from ya'll..." [19MAR2000]

VALLEY, R. rickvalley@tds.net "...I served with VP-672 (Reserves) and VP-45 (1960) (CDR Jones - Crew-10). We moved from the P5M to the P-3. We lost Crew-3 (SEE: In Memorial for lost friends November 17th, 1964... while deployed to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada..." [30SEP2012]

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