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Killed In Action        January 12th, 1962        Killed In Action

AT2 Robert A. ANDERSON 1st Technician
LT John A. BROWN Flight Surgeon
LTjg Anthony P. CASWICK Co-Pilot
ADR2 Robert E. HURST Plane Captain
LTjg Michael P. LEAHY Navigator
ATN3 Alan P. MILLETTE Radioman
ADR3 Frank E. PARKER 2nd Mechanic
AEAN Joseph W. RENNEBERG 3rd Technician
AT3 Norman R. RUSSELL, Jr. 2nd Technician
LTjg Badger C. SMITH Navigator
AO3 Grover E. WELLS Ordnanceman

UPDATE "...It took Don Latimer and I several years of research to find all of them..." Forwarded by Bob Pettway rpettway@epbfi.com [22MAY2004]

The recovery effort in 1966 brought back seven crewmen from LA-9. Three of those recovered are buried at the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA:

  • CDR Norbert John Kozak, single grave site located at Section 35, #2038
  • LT(jg) Badger Conley Smith III, single grave site located at Section 11, # 676-C
  • LT(jg) Michael Patrick Leahy, single grave site located at Section 46, # 753
The remaining four are buried in family plots:
  • Norman Royce Russell, Jr. is buried in Big Creek Church of Christ Cemetery on Russell Town Rd. in Amite, LA.
  • Robert Earl Hurst is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Talladega, AL.
  • Frank Earl Parker is buried in Tower Grove Cemetery (Row 32 of block 2), Murphysboro, Jackson County, IL.
  • Robert Allen Anderson is buried in the Sunset Memory Gardens Cemetery, 7302 Mineral Point Rd., Madison, WI.
The above information accounts for the seven LA-9 crew men whose remains were recovered in late September, 1966.

At Arlington National Cemetery there is a "common casket" grave site memorial dedicated to the five crewmen of LA-9 either unrecovered or only partially recovered but unidentified. This memorial is located at Section 46, # 754. These five crewmen are:
  • LT(jg) Anthony Francis Caswick
  • LT(jg) AT3 Alan Patrick Millette
  • LT(jg) AO3 Grover Earl Wells
  • LT John Augustus Brown, MD
  • LT(jg) AEAN Joseph William Renneberg
Their earthly remains, in part or in total, continue to this day to lie on the Kronborg Glacier, eastern coast of Greenland at the LA-9 crash site. After 42 years, they still await the country they served to bring them home for proper burial.

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