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CHIASSON, AW1 Earl A. III aswkingfish@yahoo.com "...I served at NAS Millington, TN in 1975 flying S-2 aircraft and transfered over to VP-67 in 1976 also at NAS Millington, TN. I was a TAR until 1981 and began my SELRES career in 1981 at NAS New Orleans, Louisiana until 1985 when I was transfered to VP-5056 for a few short months until finally transferring into VP-94 in 1985 to present. I will be retiring December 7, 2002. Would love to here from any Shipmates..." Personal WebSite: http://kingfishland.com/ [URL Updated 30JUL2009 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 08AUG2002 | 02MAR2000]

PETTIT, FCO Richard repettit@uswest.net "...I served with SRU VP-5056 & VP-94 as FCO while an instructor at NAS New Orleans, Louisiana 1978-1981. We flew VP-94's P-3's during our deployments to NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal. I have many good memories of events, but most of the names have faded except, Steve Gordon (ADC) & Thane ? (TD1), and those chocolate cookies..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 18JUL2005 | 23JUN98]

SZATA, E3 Ginger gingeraymes@yshoo.com "...I served with VP-5056 at NAS Joint Reserve Base - Belle Chasse, LA. I was reallla secretary to CDR Cleve Roy..." [12NOV2010]

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