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Contributed by Robert Zafran vpfourever@gmail.com

VP-4 Patrol Squadron Goodies Available

Patron Four Mugs

Chuck Doughdrill, 2848 Carnel Ridge, Las Vegas, NV 89134 (702) 341-8363

P2 and P3 Model Companies

If you are thinking about ordering one of the models below, please contact John Larson, 612/456-9617, to discuss a possible discount on volume order.

Wings of America, P.O. Box 4701, Carmel, CA 93921. Phone: 1-800-wings 11. Contact person: Shelley http://www.wingsamerica.com/des1119a.htm, Email: wings@redshift.com, Ordering: order@wingsamerica.com.

Models: P-3C, 14" long by 12.5" span. It is $175.00 Painted in gray and white in VP-40 markings. P2V-5F. One is gray and white with RP on tail and No. 43 on nose. Other is dark blue and white with LV on tail and No 2 on nose. They are 16" long and 17.5" span. They are also $175.00. If we wanted these planes painted in VP-4 markings, then they are a custom order. It will cost $300.00 and take 6 months to complete.

Pacific Products , 4277 Transport St., Ventura, CA. 93003. FAX 805-658-1458, Contact person: Pres. Alden Glickman Phone: 1-800-999-9498, http://www.pacprod.com/cgi-bin/haze1nt.exe?action=serve&item=/planes/am241-ar.htm E-mail: pacprod@pacprod.com.

Models: P-3C ( Same as Wings of America model), white/gray in VP-40 markings and same dimensions. costs $130.00. P2V-5F same as Wings model, gray/white with RP and No 43. P2V-7F same as Wings, Dk blue/white with LV and No 2. Same dimensions and costs $138.00 The PV-2 can be ordered as a custom order. It would cost $289.00 and take 90 days to order. To order the planes in VP-4 markings, it would be a custom order. They then would cost $289.00. They will offer us a deal. If we order 2-5 models= 10% off, 6-10=15% off and over 10 orders we get a 20% discount. That would be for each type of plane.

World Class Aircraft Models, 14255 North 79 St., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Contact person: Ed Tuton Phone: 1-800-950-9944. http://www.warplanes.com/PROPS.HTM Email: pac@warplanes.com.

Models: P-3C painted in Light Gray. Dimensions; 15" long and 17.5" span. Cost is $135.00. P2V-5 is dk blue/white 17" long and 15" span with VP-661 markings. P2V-7 is same dimemsions with gray/white paint with VP-69 markings. They cost $150.00 each. We can special order a PV-2. It would be a custom order and cost $300.00 and take 3 months. They say thay can paint the P-3 and P-2 any way we want them, as long as they are in production and in stock, for the catalog price. (I guess if they are out, then it's a custom order).

Airways Gifts, P.O. Box 240-785, Apple Valley, MN 55124. Contact person: Keith Oberg Phone/fax 612-423-5111.

Models: P2V-5, P2V-7 and P-3's in his catalog. It listed them as the standard size, 16" by 17". The prize was $139.00. He said that we could get them in squadron markings, "custom" order for $150.00. Wooden models made in the PI. Six months lead time for custom markings.

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