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Contributed by Robert Zafran vpfourever@gmail.com

The Navy Patrol Squadron Four Reunion Committee is looking for shipmates who served in VP-4. Reunion planned for Reno, 2-4 Oct. 1998. Contact: Bob Zafran, 7150 Via Corona, San Jose, CA 95139-1134 408-972-0269 (Eves) or EMail: vpfourever@gmail.com

Reno 98' Reunion Registration

The enclosed Reno 1998 Registration form is to be used for reserving your space at both Dinners and R & R tours/golf. Mark your choices on the form and mail it along with your payment. Remember, hotel accommodations are made separately through Bob Kessler.

It has been great renewing acquittances with you all. I hope to see you at the largest VP-4 reunion ever! We need address information on lost shipmates, send me anything that you have if you have not done so already. Remember to get your Reno 98 Registration Form and payment in ASAP! Reservations received after 1 August for tour space may not be available. You can show up on the doorstep, dinners can be easily added. Just let me know if you change your plans...Bob Zafran, Reno 1998 Reunion Coordinator, 7150 Via Corona, San Jose, CA 95139-1134 408-972-0269 (Eves), E-Mail: vpfourever@gmail.com

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VP-4 Reunion Registration

Name ____________________________________ Spouse Name __________________________

Guest ____________________________________ Guest ____________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________ State _________ Zip _______________

Phone (_____)_____________________________________

EMail _____________________________________________

Years in Squadron ___________________________

Expected day of arrival: Wed [__] Thrs[__] Fri[__]Sat[__]


Please check as appropriate:

VP-4 Veterans Association Contribution ($20 Voluntary) $ _______

Lockheed P2V Neptune "An Illustrated History" $35.00 $ _______

Patron Four 50th Anniversary Reunion Mug $11.00 $ _______
(One mug included with Dinner Reservation)

2 Oct....Friday Dinner Event ___ persons @ $36.00 $ _______
2 Oct....Friday Carson City Tour ___ persons @ $35.00 $ _______
3 Oct....Saturday Dinner Event ___ persons @ $33.00 $ _______
3 Oct....Saturday Virginia City Tour ___ persons @ $29.00 $ _______
3 Oct....Saturday Golf Session ___ persons @ $75.00 $ _______

Total Submitted $ _______

Mail entire page and payment (Checks made out to "Robert Zafran") to:

Robert Zafran
7150 Via Corona
San Jose, CA 95139-1134
408-972-0269 (Eves)

Note: Reserve by 1 Sep 98 for Tour and 15 Sep 98 for Dinner Event guarantees.

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