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Contributed by Robert Zafran vpfourever@gmail.com

VP-4 Reunion 1998 Newsletter

The Peppermill Hotel and Casino, 1 mile south of downtown Reno, is the site of Reunion 1998, Oct. 3 - 4, celebrating the squadron's 50th recommissioning anniversary and the 70th anniversary of the original commissioning!

Room prices are $59/night. The Peppermill offers free airport and downtown casino shuttle service and plenty of free parking. I visited in October and found the hotel accommodating and friendly. Bob Kessler in Hawaii (888-976-6237) also visited the hotel in March and will be handling all hotel arrangements plus any airline/car rental needs you may have.

We will have a Fri night social/dinner and a Sat night dinner dance. If enough people arrive on Thursday, we will plan a light-duty function for that night. If there is enough interest we can plan a Sunday morning departure brunch. Mel Mitchell will be handling the snacks and liquid refreshments (maybe even some Magoo) for the Hospitality Suite. R&R tours and golf events are being setup now.

I have collected 60 new names as a result of newsletter and newspaper notices and shipmates sending me updates. John Larson, a Barbers vet, has been designated the Reunion 1998 PAO and is hard at work assembling a composite history of the squadron. Send history tidbits to him: 1496 Auburn Ct., Eagan, MN 55122-1858, 612/456-9617.

We are still missing a lot of shipmates, especially after the squadron moved to Barbers Point. If you know of ANY VP-4 veteran, please send me all that you have on them using a copy of the Roster Update. With just a name and city, we can find some people using the Internet. Please advertise as much as you can in any publication that can help locate people; use the Official Notice below. If you are a member of any military fraternal organization, please call John Larson @ 612/456-9617 (in MN) so he can get our Reunion 1998 announcement in your association newsletter.

In order to build up our operating fund (this mailing cost $175), I am asking each of you to contribute $20.00 to the VP-4 Veterans Association. I am avoiding any sort of membership dues since that would involve lists and chasing people to pay up. The traditions of VP-4 will ensure that those who want to stay involved will do so. We plan to print and distribute a VP-4 Roster that we will mail to everyone that contributes to the VP-4 Veterans Association.

Please return the Roster Update form enclosed so that we can update your file and get some idea of the number of people planning to attend and the kinds of tours we need to set up. Include your VP-4 Association contribution and make checks out to Robert Zafran.

Start collecting pictures, slides, movies, what have you? for our Reunion Cruisebook. Make good copies and save the originals. We need PV, P2, and P3 aircraft slides. MAIL TO ME NOW!

It has been great renewing acquittances with you all. More info to come. Till then, Bob Zafran vpfourever@gmail.comReunion 1998 Coordinator

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