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Contributed by Robert Zafran vpfourever@gmail.com

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VP-4 Association Roster Update

(Please return this survey even if you have recently sent me one)

Name ____________________________________ Spouse Name __________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________ State _________ Zip _______________

Phone (_____)_____________________________________

EMail _____________________________________________

Years in Squadron ___________________________ Highest Rank/Rating _________________

Currently Active/Reserve Duty? __Yes __No ---- USN (Ret)? __Yes __No

Please check as appropriate:

I am contributing to the VP-4 Association: __Yes __No (>>> $20....Checks made out to Robert Zafran)

Are you planning to attend Reno Reunion?? __Yes __No Number of people? ____ Expected day of arrival in Reno? __Wed __Thu __Fri __Sat

Are you interested in Golf Tourney?? __Yes __No Singles? __Yes __No Couples? __Yes __No

I am interested in a tour of Virginia City (including Steam Train ride) __Yes __No Number of people? ___

I am interested in a tour of the National Automobile Museum __Yes __No Number of people? ____

I am interested in a tour of the Carson City Mint Museum/Mine Exhibit __Yes __No Number of people? ____

Suggestions for tours/activities?? _________________________________________________________

What kind(s) of souvenirs would you like (Hat, Wine Glasses, etc.??)______________________________

Mail to: Robert Zafran 7150 Via Corona, San Jose, CA 95139-1134 408-972-0269 (Eves)

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