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Contributed by Robert Zafran vpfourever@gmail.com

Reunion 2000 Survey Form

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The last VP-4 Reunions have been held in Corpus Christi, San Diego, and Reno. We need your input on a Reunion 2000 location that will better accommodate our shipmates living east of the Mississippi. Several candidate cities have been identified. Please mark (X) your preference from among the following:

(__) Branson, MO
(__) Washington, D. C.
(__) Orlando, FL
(__) New Orleans, LA
(__) Atlanta, GA
(__) Pensacola, FL
(__) Williamsburg, VA
(__) Philadelphia, PA
(__) Boston, MA
(__) Nashville, TN
(__) ___________________

Be sure and return this form to Bob Zafran, 7150 Via Corona San Jose, CA 95139-1134 408-972-0269 (Eves)

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