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Contributed by Steve Riddle s.riddle@ieee.org
Secretary/Newsletter Editor

Newsletter #30 - SEPTEMBER 2002


ALL HANDS: Dues are $20 per year 11/1 to 11/1 ($75 for five years or $200 for Life). The Roster and the E-Mail Addendum are included for members' personal use only. If you change your address please inform the Editor so we will be spared the charge the USPS makes for each correction notice. If this edition is forwarded to you by the postal service, we will have automatically received your new address and been charged for the service.

President's Message

Well, we are down to the wire here and are hoping that this issue of the Pelican Post will inspire some holdout Pelicans to sign up for the 2002 Reunion. Please see the enclosed Reunion info and revised registration forms. The forms now reflect ships' tours that were not available when the Spring issue of the Pelican Post came out. If you have already signed up under an old registration form and want to change an item, please let us know (see page 10), we are very flexible.

This is my last message to you in this venue since, as you know, at the business meeting on Saturday 12 October a new President will be elected by the members present. I just want to say that the past four years have been a fun time and a learning experience for me. I regret that our membership is dwindling; we obviously need to reach Pelicans from a younger age group. That will be one of the challenges for the incoming officers. I cannot sign off without mentioning the superb contribution that Chuck Caldwell has made to our organization. To put it simply, the Association would not have survived this long without Chuck's hard work, long hours and dedication. Thank you, Chuck.

I also would be remiss unless I mention Chuck Comeau, Dave Johnson, Mon Eckhouse, and Hank Gorman for their sage counsel and incisive advice. Thank you all.

Hope to see many of you in San Diego in October.

Tom Golder

Table of Contents

  • This Is No Drill!

  • Notes From All Over

  • Mort Searched...and Searched...and...FOUND!!!

  • A Surprise From The Past Gives A WWII Officer's Friends and Family Another Chance To Say Good-bye

  • All Aboard!! Next Stop - San Diego!!!!

  • Treasurer's Report

  • In Memoriam

  • All Expenses Paid Multi-Day-Event!

  • CPRW-11 The Commodore Sends...

  • From The Skipper's Office

  • A Couple Of Things To Muse Over

  • Pelican Tales

  • Admiral West Visits VP-45

  • Secretary Of State Visits Iceland

  • This Is My Life

  • Mail Call!!

  • Secretary/Newsletter Editor Passes Jobs To Another
  • And More!

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