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Newsletter #27 - APRIL 2001

President's Message

Tom Sez...

This is the first chance I have had since the 2000 Reunion in Jacksonville to communicate with all the Pelicans in our Association. First of all, I want to thank our VP, Chuck Comeau and his Committee for a great Reunion. Everything was organized to the "nth" degree and it was hard to choose which event won out as the best. For my money it was a tie between the Commissioning of the USS Roosevelt and the great banquet that Chuck had organized. The Commissioning was impressive beyond description. As for the banquet, the food was great, the speaker excellent and the dancing afterward got almost everyone up and swinging.

I also want to thank those who took the time to return the survey on where to hold our next Reunion. It told us a lot and set us on the course I describe below.

We are planning to hold Reunion 2002 in October in the greatest Navy town in the US, San Diego, CA. Glen Rufenach and Jim Cooper are working to form a Reunion 2002 Committee and, as I write this, we are in the process of reviewing contracts with hotels in the San Diego area. We hope to hold the Reunion in conjunction with the famour Fleet Week, but the dates for this event have not ben firmed up as of this printing. Look elsewhere in this issue for information regarding the Reunion. We have not had a Reunion on the West Coast and San Diego couldn't be a more Navy town, so pencil in mid-October 2002 on your long range planning calendar and let us see a great turnout of Pelicans!

Table of Contents

Table Of Contents

Notes From All Over
Remember Brown Shoes?
Who's On First?
Minutes Of The Business Meeting
Mail Call
In Memoriam
The Pueblo Museum
Ever Wonder
A Few of My Recollections
Swapping Stories Via E-mail Is Fun
A P5M Model
Shark On The Line
Another Fish Story
More About That PT-19
VP-45 Momemto Articles
Sea Stories
Joe's Story #2
VP-45 Sailor Of The Year 2000
A Christmas Card
Puff Ball One
Oh, Those Winter B&E Runs To Norfolk
HEDRON Supports VP-205
Navy GCA/ATC Association
From The Editor's Desk
Dues Increased at the R2K Meeting
The P5M at Pensacola
Treasurer's Report
Mariner/Marlin Association
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