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Newsletter #29 - APRIL 2002

President's Message

Tom Sez...

As you will see as you read further along in this issue, we did run into some snags in the planning for Reunion 2002. We were dealt several blows; most of them can be attributed to the events of September 11, 2001. However, we will not be deterred from having our traditional biannual gathering of Pelicans in San Diego this coming October.

First of all, our survey in the Fall Issue (2001) of the Pelican Post to ascertain attendance numbers at Reunion 2002, hit your mailboxes very close to the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. I can understand that all our thoughts were elsewhere at that time. The responses were limited and I thank those Pelicans who took the time to fill them out and return them. A follow-up e-mail survey helped us with our planning and I thank all those Pelicans who responded to that survey.

Second, after signing a contract with the Hanalei Hotel for the dates (October 11 - 13) that we were told would coincide with Fleet Week and the Blue Angels performance at Miramar, the Blues changed their schedule. Also, strict security measures implemented by the local military bases have reduced the opportunities for special military-oriented tours.

Next, we then scared off a contracted reunion planner by doing most of the planning ourselves (in order to keep costs as low as possible) but have since taken on another planner to help with the final details of the reunion. So. that's where we have been; now on to the positive side of this report. As I said, Reunion 2002 is still on for October 11 - 13, 2002. We have a great reunion planned for you at rates as low as you can fmd in San Diego, at an outstanding hotel, centrally located for all the super attractions San Diego has to offer. I hope to see you there!

The second part of this report to you concerns the nomination of Officers for your Associatiomto take on the task of keeping the organization vibrant and functioning in the future. The nominating committee has volunteers for both the President and Vice President office. We urgently need a nomination for Secretary/Newsletter Editor. The Treasurer has asked for relief, but will stay on until someone volunteers to take on this responsibility. I believe that your Association is at a cross road in its existence. We are financially sound; however, we are almost at zero growth in membership. The challenge for the new slate of Officers is to reach the pool of prospective members in the younger age groups and recruit them into the Association. We need your help in securing new members to keep our organization vibrant and alive! If you want to volunteer your name for an office or committee or host a reunion, or you can convince someone you know to volunteer, let us know - the sooner the better!

And finally, for those of you who may or will attend Reunion 2002, please be thinking about the issue of "Navy Towns", which was mandated at the 2000 business meeting. The Association officers believe that restricting our reunions to "Navy Towns" seriously limits our choices for reunion locations, eliminating cities and locations that provide excellent venues for our great reunions. I hope we can eliminate this requirement at the Reunion 2002 business meeting. See vou in San Diegoo in October!

Tom Golder

Table of Contents

Table Of Contents

  • Veterans History Project

  • About Other Group's Newsletters

  • PBY Catalina International Association

  • All Aboard!! Next Stop -- San Diego!!!

  • Treasuer's Report

  • Origins of the Log Book

  • In Memoriam

  • The Very First VP-45

  • Squadron Insignia and Nickname

  • Chronology of Significant Events

  • The THIRD VP-45

  • CPRW-11 The Commodore Sends...

  • Membership Stats

  • Mail Call!!

  • The Reunion Network

  • Pelican Tales

  • Not Really a Pelican Tale, But...

  • Another Aventure of The Iron Duke!

  • Lock-On Error

  • From The Editor's Desk

  • Ken Cory Leaves Us

  • VP-45 (PBY)

  • Picture of VP-45 Insignia Donated to CPRW-11

  • Mort Reports On The Search For New Officers
  • And More!

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