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Newsletter #37 - March 2006

From the President


I just returned from a VP-18 Reunionn in Jacksonville, Florida. While there I contacted VP-45 and am working with the Squadron Executive Officer, CD R Mark Turner, who will be the Commanding Officer by the time of our Reunion in October. He is excited about the Reunion and hopes to join us in San Antonio.

Jim Means is working non stop on plans for the Reunion. Things are coming together and I believe it will be the best Reunion yet. Over the years since I retired from the USN, I have attended Reunions for three different squadrons and I can tell you that the VP-45 ones are the best organized and most fun of any. For those of you who have attended in the past, we are counting on seeing you again this year. For those who have never attended, we promise you a good time among FRIENDS.

As a part of the VP-18 Reunion weekend, we were briefed by the Wing Commodore. He reported that VP-45 had just returned from a VERY SUCCESSFUL deployment. He gave us a run down on a typical deployment to the Middle East and I can tell you, it is so different from any of the experiences any of us had, no matter our time in the squadron. These young men and women are doing a fantastic job and we should be proud of them every day.


Gene Graham

From the Vice President

Last Friday Suzi and I met with our Reunion Planner. He had some great ideas and we had more information to share with him. During the visit we discovered that there just isn't enough time to do all the neat things that San Antonio has to offer in only three days. So ... we decided to add a day for those interested.

On Wednesday, 25 October, we'll tour Fort Sam Houston, have a luncheon at the Guenther House (this is the home of Carl Guenther, founder of Pioneer Flour Mills, built in 1860) and spend the evening on a ranch with entertainment and a barbeque dinner provided.

Thursday, 26 October, we'll tour the Institute of Texas Cultures and the Alamo. Thursday evening, we'll have an opportunity for dinner at one of the riverwalk cafes followed by a cruise on the famous San Antonio River.

Friday, 27 October, we'll travel to the nearby community of Fredericksburg for a tour of the Admiral Nimitz Museum followed by time for shopping and dining (maybe some good German food). Later in the evening we'll have our reception at the Doubletree Hotel.

Saturday, 28 October, we'll visit San Antonio's Mercado and a sampling of other interesting sites and will have free time for shopping along the riverwalk. Saturday evening we'll have our banquet at the Doubletree Hotel.

We are going to have a great time and I encourage all of you to sign up as soon as possible and to make sure your Squadron mates have also signed up.


Jim and Suzi

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  • Naval Aviation Night Carrier Ops

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  • 'Pelicans' Home For Christmas

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