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Newsletter #36 - September 2005

From the President

Fellow Pelicans, San Antonio is a beautiful city, has lots of things to do in and around the city and the food is great. Jim Means and Steve Riddle have been hard at work getting things in order for our next reunion. They have been working on tours that will be of interest to everyone. Now things are up to the rest of us, that is, get in touch with as many of our shipmates as possible and convince them to join us in San Antonio. This is an ALL HANDS effort. All of us who have attended the reunions in the past know that the best part of the reunion is running across someone you have not seen since you left the squadron.

On a more serious note, in the last newsletter you will recall I had just returned from the funeral of Joe Notargiacomo (VP-45 XO/CO 72-74) who had just died from a ehart attack. As I sit here writing this note, I am recovering from quintuple bypass surgery. The Great Commanding Officer above was watching out for me in that when the pain started (not much pain, none shooting down my arms or legs; it just wouldn't go away) I headed for the Emergency Room. Fortunately I made it before the heart attack and therefore had no damage to the ole ticker. I only share this with you to encourage you to be mindful of your body when it starts talking.

Best wishes to everyone and I will see you in San Antonio!!!

Gene Graham

Table of Contents

  • From The President

  • Reunion 2004 In Review

  • CDR Fite's Speech

  • Senior Moment

  • Messages and Notes

  • Coco Solo News, Messages and Notes

  • Colon and the Free Zone

  • Coco SOlo (Then and Now)

  • A Tribute to Mary Izzo (Victor Izzo's Widow)

  • Pelicans Soar Through 2004

  • CPRW-11

  • CPRW-2

  • Navy decides 'mess' is out and 'culinary' in

  • Bienvenidos a San Antonio

  • In Memoriam

  • Business Meeting Minutes

  • Treasurer's Report

  • From the Treasurer

  • And More!

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