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Contributed by Steve Riddle s.riddle@ieee.org
Secretary/Newsletter Editor

Newsletter #28 - SEPTEMBER 2001

President's Message

Tom Sez...

There is important info in this issue of the Pelican Post!

First of all, please take a look at the information on the San Diego Reunion 2002. For those of you on the west side of the Mississippi, we are finally having a Reunion on the West Coast. For those of you on the east side of the big river, here is a great opportunity to revisit San Diego - it is probably a long time since you have been there. Now, take advantage of the reduced rate for hotel room (if you find a cheaper room it will not be as nice as the one we have waiting for you) and partake in the special events of the famous Fleet Week, a very special time that only happens once a year in San Diego.

Members of JAX voted to have the next Reunion only at a city with "Navy Presence." You will find NO city with more Navy presence any time of the year, but throw in Fleet Week and you come away from the Reunion full of pride in your Navy.

As you reead on to other info on the Reunion 2002, you will find that we have a commitment for at least 100 rooms. I hope that we exceed this number but, to insure that the Reunion is financial viable, I urge you to help out by making a long range commitment by planning to attend and hold to that decision. I am sure that you will not be disappointed!

Tom Bolder

Table of Contents

Table Of Contents

  • Notes From All Over
  • Leaders at Sea Visit VP-45
  • Shift Colors
  • VP-45 Participates in Earth Day
  • VP-45 Paints the Town
  • VP-45 Sailors Save Two Lives
  • VP-45 and Cedar Hill Elementary Participate in Junior Achievement Day
  • VP-45 Receives Golden Wrench Award
  • Preview of Fleet Week 2002
  • Naval Training Center
  • The VP Says...
  • The Secretary/Newsletter Editor Says To Mor
  • The Treasurer Pefers To Close His Account
  • President Feels New Blood Needed
  • Mort Says, "Let The Search Begin!"
  • In Memoriam
  • Active Squadron
  • VP-45 ARO Price List
  • Did You Know...
  • Book of Interest
  • Try It, You Might Like It
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Big Changes In Navy Command Structure
  • Mail Call
  • VP-45 (PBY) Crash Takes 10 Lives
  • Diplomacy Lesson Only Cost $1
  • Conversation with Bernard
  • Rest In Peace
  • PBY Catalina International Association
  • From The Editor's Desk
  • Reunion Survey
  • And More!

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