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Contributed by Steve Riddle s.riddle@ieee.org
Secretary/Newsletter Editor

Newsletter #25 - APRIL 2000

President's Message

Tom Sez...

There is a wealth of important information in this issue of the Pelican Post. I call your attention to the article by our Treasurer regarding the future of our association, and the need to get new members especially from younger groups, the l970s and 1980's Pelicans. These guys should be approaching the age where they recall fond memories of their squadron days. If any reader knows of any prospective members please contact Chuck Caldwell. If you have a friend from the Squadron who is a non-member, call him and tell him about the Reunion 2000 and have him join and meet you there. Chuck Comeau and others on his Reunion

Committee have been very hard at work and have arranged a super reunion; you can read all about it in this issue. Also, please examine closely the article about Reunion FAM trips and seriously consider the offer therein. Additionally, all the Officers of your association have informally agreed to stay on for another term. This is not a "power grab" we all agreed that it may be easier and more expedient than producing a new slate of officers. However, you will have the opportunity, if you wish, to propose nominations from the floor at the business meeting in October or by mail. Finally, keep those cards, letters and E-Mails coming, we welcome any and all comments from members.

See you in October!

Table of Contents

All Hands
United States Navy P-3C Program
The Flying Boats of Bermuda
The Iron Duke Saga
Mail Call
In Memoriam
Treasurer's Report
Attention All Hands
Pelican Tales
When Did VP-45 Have P2V (SP2H) Aircraft?
VP-45 Change of Command
Where Will The 2002 Reunion Be and Who Will Host?
Every Member Get A Member!
Help Wanted
And More!!!

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