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Newsletter #33 - MARCH 2004

From the President ........

It's February, there is 8 inches of new snow on my driveway and the OAT is 8 below. I'm ready for JAX. October can't arrive too soon. Seems like a long time but it will be here before we know it. I'm looking forward to our reunion and I hope you are too. Our regular two year reunion is scheduled for 14-17 October at the Radisson Riverwalk Hotel in Jacksonville. This is the same hotel we used in a previous reunion. I think it was 1994. I'm not sure of the date, but I do remember it as a great venue and feel fortunate that we are able to return. You will find much more information about the reunion and planned activities elsewhere in this newsletter. We've got a great team working on putting it together. We are trying our best to fill your visit with good times and good memories. The registration form for the reunion is included in this newsletter. I urge all to consider attending and to send in your completed registration form as soon as you can make the commitment. We need to reach minimum attendance levels in order to fulfill our contract with the hotel. The minimums are not excessive and we should easily meet them, but the sooner we do, the more effort we can put into organizing the event.

A major effort to locate and contact all former members of VP-45 was started late last year. A review of the current membership list reveals that most of our members served in the squadron prior to the middle 1960's. There are many potential members that have not joined. Harry Mendelson accepted the challenge to try to locate and enlist these "lost shipmates". He has put together a committee and from the e-mail I have seen, they have performed spectacularly. I think we will see a number of new members at the reunion. Each of you can help in this effort. Review the Patron Four-Five Association roster that has been sent to you. If you know of a former squadron mate who is not on this list, send his name and any information you may have (present address, old address, etc.), to one of the Association board members. If he is not on our current list, we will try to contact him and enlist his membership.

Best wishes to all, and I'll SEE YOU IN JAX!! Leo Cimino

Table of Contents

  • From The President

  • Candidates Needed

  • Patron Four Five Association Reunion 14-17 October 2004

  • VP-45 Returns Home From Six Month Deployment

  • VP-205's War In The Caribbean

  • Memoirs Of George Kovach (VP-205)

  • VP-45 In Southeast Asia

  • Messages And Notes

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